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Congratulations Neil!


Winnipeg Resident's Grocery Trip Nets $1 Million Win

Neil is Winnipeg's newest lottery millionaire, thanks to a trip to the grocery store. Neil won $1 million on the December 21st LOTTO 6/49 draw.

The ticket was a $4 Quick Pick from Boriwon Lottery, located in the Real Canadian Superstore at 1035 Gateway Road in Winnipeg, while he was picking up groceries. He was shocked when he checked his ticket a few days later at the same store.

"I couldn't believe it! I called my wife at work and told her I thought I had won a million dollars," he said. "She didn't believe me. I still didn't really believe it either," he laughed.

"It feels a little more real every day," he said.

The winner said he plans to invest a portion of his winnings, and he and his wife plan to do some travelling.

Neil won his $1 million by exactly matching the winning Guaranteed Prize Draw selection drawn during the December 21, 2016 LOTTO 6/49 draw. The winning number was 29488432-01.

Congratulations Neil!