Congratulations Kerry!


Second Top Prize Claimed on Daily Grand

Christmas came early for Kerry Mudd thanks to a $7 million surprise, when she won the DAILY GRAND top prize on the December 1st draw.

It was a true case of beginner's luck; Mudd had never purchased a DAILY GRAND ticket before. She checked her ticket at the same store the next evening, Friday, December 2. Then she checked it again. And then, again.

"I was in complete disbelief," she remembered. "I still can't believe it's true."

But it is true. Mudd's single quick pick selection was the only one sold for the December 1st draw to match all five main numbers and the Grand number. She won the game's biggest prize - $1,000 a day for life. She chose to receive her prize as a single payment of $7 million.

So what does she plan to do with her winter windfall? Mudd said she plans to use her good fortune to help her family, but she's also thinking about ways she could treat herself.

"I'd like to do some travelling," she said, a smile lighting up her face. "I've always wanted to go to Italy."

Mudd is the second winner of the DAILY GRAND top prize since the game launched in October. An Edmonton resident previously won the top prize on the November 10 draw.

Congratulations Kerry!