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$100,000 EXTRA Winner Sees “A Lot of Zeroes!”

Winner Renee A.


Congratulations Renee!

Renee B. of Winnipeg checked her inbox one morning and spotted an email from PlayNow players receive a courtesy email letting them know of each lottery win. Renee and her husband figured they’d probably won $2 and decided to open the email later.

“there were a lot of zeroes”

That evening, they came home after a day of errands and saw a voicemail on their answering machine from Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) requesting a call back. During the prize claim, Renee and her husband explained, “we couldn’t call back because it was so late, and we actually joked, ‘I wonder if they want to know how we want our $2 paid, with two loonies or one toonie?’”

“Are you serious??”

While watching TV, they checked their email. Renee’s husband re-read the PlayNow win notification in full, four times. After confirming again, he told Renee that he thought they’d just won $100,000. Renee shouted in excitement and jumped in surprise. Yes, he was serious! The two of them confirmed the win the following morning.

Their ticket matched the last six digits of the March 23, 2021 EXTRA number, winning the second prize of $100,000! The same EXTRA number, 6012086, also brought big wins to two other players: Another $100,000 prize was won in Calgary, and the top prize of $250,000 was won on a ticket sold in Edmonton.

Renee and her husband started a Never Miss a Draw subscription for Lotto Max with EXTRA on The pair went online to buy tickets after considering what to do when their local lottery retailer had closed during the pandemic. “We waited a few weeks, but eventually we signed up online after hearing about it from a friend. I like how PlayNow does it all for you. Too many times, I saw the jackpot was up at $50 Million, and I’d forgotten to go out and get a ticket,” explained the happy winner. The pair still plan to purchase tickets occasionally, both at retail and online going forward. 

The retired couple plan to give some of their winnings to family, and will use the rest to help make their retirement easier. 

Congratulations, Renee! Wishing you and your family all the best.

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