Congratulations Aaron!


Winnipeg man wins $1 million Lotto Max prize on

Aaron H. deleted a life-changing email.

But not for long - the Winnipeg resident soon discovered he'd won a $1 million MAXMILLIONS prize on the May 18 Lotto Max draw.

Aaron bought his $6 quick pick ticket, with EXTRA, online through With, players are notified of any prize by email.

"I saw the email on Saturday morning. I'm used to getting emails for small prizes - like $2," he said. "I deleted it without reading it, but then I logged into my account and saw a prize amount with a bunch of zeroes."

"I thought it was $100,000, but my girlfriend said, 'I think that's $1 million!'"

"My heart started racing," he remembered. "I started thinking who should I tell? How is this going to change my life?"

Aaron decided to take it slow. So far, only he and his girlfriend knew about the win. He broke the news to his dad after a round of golf.

"I've always leaned on my dad for advice," he said. "I wanted to talk it over with him first."

Later, Aaron let his mom in on the secret too.

The winner said he's not going to rush into any quick decisions.

"I've got a lot to think about, and a lot of people to talk to," he said. "When you think about winning the lottery, you think about cars and trips and stuff like that. But now, I'm thinking about how I can use it to change our lives forever."

"It's not just a prize. It's an opportunity."

Congratulations Aaron!