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Co-Workers Share $1 Million!


A group of 24 Winnipeg co-workers share a $1M MAXMILLIONS prize

Darlene Johanson was sleeping when she got a really exciting text. Johanson and 23 of her co-workers won $1,000,022 on the September 16 LOTTO MAX draw.

"One of the ladies in our group sent me a text really early in the morning, saying we had won on MAXMILLIONS," said Johanson. "So, the first thing I did when I woke up was check the ticket on my mobile app. Sure enough, we were winners!"

Johanson said she always buys and checks the group's tickets with the same clerk at the Seasons of Tuxedo Shell, located at 690 Sterling Lyon Parkway. She waited a few days to check the ticket so she could continue that routine.

"I held off until Monday so that I could check the ticket with my girl at Shell," she said with a laugh. "It's just a habit of mine; if she's not there I don't buy or scan my tickets!"

The group has been playing LOTTO MAX together weekly since November 2015. Along with Johanson, the group members are: Jason Buley, Marc Remillard, Daniel Vachon, Darryl Matlo, John Schubert, Hayley Schubert, Rhona Turner, Jocelyn Slusarczyk, Kelly Kliewer, Gary Wlasichuk, Edouard Chartier, Robert Nuttall, Kenneth Smith, Anton Gaspur, Kristina Flett, Brittany Young, Robert Manchulenko, Paul Remillard, Detlef Hammerling, Mathew Krahn, Christopher Rockwell, Philip Hayek and Donald Jashlyn.

Johanson said she plans on using her portion of the winnings, almost $42,000, to purchase a new vehicle. "I'd like to get a brand new vehicle," she said. "Something sporty-looking."

Other members of the group are hoping to use their winnings to pay some bills and possibly take winter vacations.

The happy group won their million dollar prize on one of the 22 MAXMILLIONS draws on September 16. They also won an additional $22 on the same ticket.

The group of colleagues bought using a Group Buying Agreement that set out how they would split a prize if they won. does not currently support group play, but if you do choose to play on behalf of a group please use a Group Buying Agreement form (available on

Congratulations to Darlene and the entire group of winners!