Congratulations Keith!


$132k Lotto Max winner hails from RM of Morris

Keith S. was sure his eyes were tricking him when he used the WCLC Mobile App to check his Lotto Max ticket. Luckily for him, they weren't. The Lowe Farm resident won $132,246.20 on the February 23 Lotto Max draw.

"I checked my ticket over and over again, a few times through the day," he said. "I even took it to the gas station to check it on a different scanner."

"I just couldn't believe it!" he said.

The happy winner said he doesn't have any immediate plans for his winnings.

"I think I'm just going to put it in the bank," he said. "I'll just save it for now."

Keith purchased his 9-number combination Lotto Max ticket at the Morris Husky, located at 2 Stampede Road.

He matched six main numbers and the bonus on one selection to win $131,165.60, and he matched five main numbers on another line on the same ticket, winning an additional $1,080.60.

Congratulations Keith!