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$333,333 prize awarded on Lotto Max


Congratulations Michael!

Michael Shields purchased a ticket to the $60,000,000 + 6 MAXMILLIONS Lotto Max draw on October 1, 2019, with a hope of winning any prize. His luck was with him that day: Michael’s ticket won a 1/3 share of one of the six MAXMILLIONS draws!

Michael’s ticket exactly matched all 7 of the numbers drawn for the fourth MAXMILLIONS draw. The same numbers were also on tickets sold in Ontario and in Atlantic Canada, meaning Michael shared the $1 million prize, winning $333,333.40.

When picking up his winnings, it was clear Michael was taking his win in stride and figuring out what would come next. “It will make every day a bit easier and less stressful,” he explained.

Of the six MAXMILLIONS draws that day, only one other was won – it was shared between tickets purchased in Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Michael purchased his ticket at Gateway Newstand Brandon, located inside the Brandon Shoppers Mall at 37 – 1570 18 th Street in Brandon, Manitoba. The winning MAXMILLIONS numbers on Michael’s ticket were 6, 7, 20, 28, 35, 38 and 47.

Congratulations Michael!

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