Congratulations Peter Tomlinson!


'Unbeatable' poker hand hits $829,619 Bad Beat Jackpot on

A Victoria poker player is cashing-in after losing his poker hand. Peter Tomlinson won the biggest prize of the Bad Beat Jackpot on after his quad-kings lost to a hand with quad-aces.

"I thought to myself, this hand is unbeatable," described Tomlinson. "Four kings! I have a great hand. I saw the other guy won $300 and then my screen started to explode. It said I won the Bad Beat Jackpot."

Bad Beat Jackpot tables can turn a losing hand into the biggest win a player may ever have. When a player loses with quad jacks or better on a Bad Beat Jackpot table they receive 50 per cent of the awarded jackpot. The player who wins the poker hand receives 25 per cent and all other players at the table, who were dealt cards in the winning poker hand, split the remaining 25 per cent.

At the time of the win, the Bad Beat Jackpot was at $829,619.01. Tomlinson received a cheque for $414,500, while the winner of the hand receives a cheque for $207,404.75, each of the other players at the table dealt into the hand receive $69,134.92.

In April 2011, B.C. poker player Ralph Chappel took home a Bad Beat Jackpot when his quad-Jacks lost to a Royal Flush.

Poker players registered in B.C., Manitoba and Quebec are eligible to win the Bad Beat Jackpot on Bad Beat Jackpots are funded through a portion ($.50 of all pots) of every raked hand played on the participating poker tables. Full prize details and current Bad Beat Jackpots are available at