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Congratulations Richard Kozar!


Richard Kozar of Winnipeg won $72,000 when he pulled a Royal Flush playing Double Double Bonus Poker!

Richard Kozar of Winnipeg has 72,000 new reasons to practice his happy dance.

On January 25, 2015, Richard was playing Double Double Bonus Poker, when he turned up the ultimate hand: a Royal Flush. When he realized he had won he said, "I was so happy, I did a happy dance. I really got up and started dancing!"

Richard placed a $42 wager (a $30 bet with a $12 bonus). Normally a Royal Flush on a bet of that size would mean a $24,000 prize, but because Richard used a 3x multiplier he won three times that amount: a whopping $72,000!

Double Double Bonus Poker is Richard's favourite game, and he enjoys playing it whether in the casino or online at "PlayNow is the only site I use. I feel better about using it because it is so secure." Richard also likes that the funds from stay in the province.

All options are still open in terms of how he plans to use his prize money. "I'm considering a new vehicle. It's just nice to know you have the option to explore options," said Richard with a smile.

Congratulations Richard!