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You have the chance to play poker with Roberto Luongo!

Look for Luongo1 in the poker software.


How to Play with Luongo1

  1. Register for a account.
  2. Download the Poker software.
  3. Search for 'Luongo1' in the "Find Player" tab of the Poker software
  4. Join the table and start playing.

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How to play with Luongo1

Roberto Luongo is recognized amongst poker players and hockey fans for his passion of poker. Luongo regularly plays in the Canucks for Kids Fund Dice and Ice charity tournament and the NHLPA's Goals and Dreams fund. Now he plays at

Want the chance to play Poker with Luongo1?

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to (not a member? Register Now)
  2. Download the Poker software.
  3. Search for 'Luongo1' using the "Find Player" tab in the Poker software. If he is playing you'll find out what table he is at.
  4. Join the table and start playing.

Chat with Roberto Luongo

As a feature of the Poker software, you'll also be able to chat with Roberto Luongo as well as other players at the table!

Get Updates

Also, follow @PlayNowPoker to get updates when Luongo is playing on what table to find him.

Coming Soon: Luongo1 Poker Tournaments players will soon have a number of opportunities to play poker with Luongo. He'll be hosting his own charity poker tournaments and appearing in exclusive promotions. You need to be a registered player to participate in these events and special offers!


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