Sit & Go Tournament Types


Looking to double your money? Try our cooler Sit & Go.

In a ten player Sit & Go, the top five finishers will each get double their money by each receiving 20% of the prize pool. If the game is eight handed, then the top four finishers each receive 25% of the prize pool.

Cooler Sit & Go's will have "Cooler" in their name.

Head's Up Rematches

Available in Head?s Up Sit ?n Goes, these allow the same two players to play each other again following the conclusion of the tournament.

Pays 4 Places

Instead of the three prizes our regular Sit & Go's pay, these ones pay the top four.

Prizes are paid as follows:

  • 1st Place - 41% of the prize pool
  • 2nd Place - 29% of the prize pool
  • 3rd Place - 19% of the prize pool
  • 4th Place - 11% of the prize pool

Look for Sit & Go's with the name "Pays 4 Places".

Quick Cooler

In a hurry? Try a Quick Cooler. Quick Coolers are the same as above but with 5 minute blinds!


Satellite Sit & Go's award entry in to larger buy-in tournaments. Our satellites are a great way to play in the bigger games without having to pay the larger buy-in.

Satellites Sit & Go's run often and can be in any of the various formats listed above.

For more information on current satellites, please see our Tournament Schedule.

Turbo Cooler

Turbo Coolers are the same as above with lightning fast, 3 minute blinds!

Triple Ups

Similar to our coolers, these 30 player Sit & Go's award each of the top 10 players with 10% of the prize pool. A great way to triple your buy-in!

Winner Takes All

As the name says, you have to win it all to bring home the money. The prize pool has only one share which goes to the player who ends in first place.

These Sit & Go's will have "Winner Takes All" in the name.