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Congratulations John Walker!

Bad Beat Jackpot winner John Walker

Start hand with $62.43 at a $.50/$1.00 table and finish hand with $151,281.50 isn't the norm but it was the reality for John Walker aka "cassius" on PlayNow Poker when he was on the losing end of a straight flush over straight flush to take the biggest share of the Bad Beat Jackpot.

The hand started with 6 players with the action folding to "cassius" in the hijack (6d, 7d) and he made it $2.50 to go. "r33nz" wasn't having it on the button with Qd, Jd and changed it to $5.50. The two other remaining players got out of the way and "cassius" made the call to see a 3c, 10d, Kd flop. Out of position "cassius" checked the flop with a flush draw and "r33nz" made it $12.00 with the open ended straight flush draw and "cassius" quickly called. The turn was a very important 9d as it gave "cassius" the flush and "r33nz" the straight flush. With that card all the money went in the middle with the hero 8d coming on the river.

John was at his friend's house at the time and both of them were in shock and disbelief until they saw the money enter his account. He had just won $151,281.50 with a losing hand. "r33nz" took home $75,640.75 for the best hand and 4 others had $18,910.19 virtual slide their way.

John does not have any big plans for the money yet; however he is thinking about travelling to somewhere warm this winter. With nothing but cold weather in the near future, we think that is a fantastic plan! Congrats again John, enjoy the sun!