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Congratulations Kelly Dickson!

Bad Beat Jackpot winner Kelly Dickson

A PlayNow Poker regular, Kelly Dickson won $149,149.75 playing a Bad Beat table on

Kelly Dickson is a veteran in the Winnipeg poker scene. If you have spent any time playing at Club Regent Casino or McPhillips Station Casino you will know of his legendary status. It was at the PNPC a couple years back where Kelly found out about PlayNow and decided to give it a try, a decision that would eventually lead to a $149,149.75 score at a $.50/1 cash game table.

Fast forward to November 10th around 2 PM when Kelly was playing on a Bad Beat Jackpot table. Kelly or "Manimtoban" on PlayNow Poker as he is known, was short with about $15 and raised with KK and "gl" shoved with QQ and Kelly snap called. Already a 90% favorite pre flop, the two kings on the flop solidified the pot in the middle and the only thing left was the meaningless turn and the river. The turn brought some potential excitement with a queen, but a fourth queen on the river? You bet, it was and the bad beat jackpot was hit.

"It happened so fast, when I called and the hand was done his cards were mucked and the small pot was pushed to me and then a split second after fireworks went off, I didn't even realize what had happened at first" said Kelly. He goes on to say "All of a sudden there was $600,000 in chips on the table and it got split up with almost $150k going to me".

Kelly was in shock and the chat box lit up with excitement! Even by not being in the hand and just folding they each earned close to $25,000. Kelly had to play a few more hands just to let it sink in and it took him a while to believe it had actually happened.

While this was his biggest score to date, Kelly is no stranger to big wins. Back in 2005 he chopped the Sunday Million (yes you read that right 2005) for $79k USD and has won a lot of events between then and now.

Kelly came to the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries offices to pick up his cheque not really knowing what he was going to do with the money, but one thing is for sure he was going to have a great night out as it was his birthday.