EPL Outright

The EPL season kicks off in August. Man City are the favourites again the season and will look to win their third championship in a row. Who will win the Premier League this season?
Outright Betting Odds
Man City 1.54 Suspended
Liverpool 3.20 Suspended
Tottenham 16.00 Suspended
Chelsea 22.00 Suspended

College Football National Championship

For the past four years Alabama has reached the College Football Championships. They lost to Clemson last year but with Tua Tagovaloa returning they are the favourites to win this year. Who will win the National Championship this year?
Outright Betting Odds
Clemson 2.60 Suspended
Alabama 3.60 Suspended
Georgia 9.50 Suspended
Ohio State 14.00 Suspended

Emmy Awards

The Emmy Award nominees have been released. Despite criticism of the final season, Game of Thrones leads the way with 32 nominations. Check out all our markets today!
Outstanding Drama Series Odds
Game of Thrones 1.15 Suspended
Killing Eve 4.60 Suspended
Better Call Saul 18.00 Suspended
Pose 24.00 Suspended

MLB World Series

We are halfway through the MLB season. As the St.Louis Blues proved it doesn't matter how you start the season, it's how you finish. Will an MLB team pull off an comeback like the Blues did?
Outright Winner Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers 3.80 Suspended
New York Yankees 4.40 Suspended
Houston Astros 5.00 Suspended
Atlanta Braves 8.50 Suspended
Today Tie
10:00A Ajax vs Panathinaikos 1.08 Suspended 6.50 Suspended 11.00 Suspended
Tomorrow Tie
4:00P Real Madrid vs Arsenal 1.80 Suspended 3.70 Suspended 3.10 Suspended
6:00P Bayern Munich vs AC Milan 1.56 Suspended 3.70 Suspended 4.20 Suspended
6:00P Guadalajara vs Atletico Madrid 9.50 Suspended 5.70 Suspended 1.15 Suspended
July 24, 2019 Tie
4:30A Juventus vs Inter 1.68 Suspended 3.40 Suspended 3.80 Suspended
5:00P Fiorentina vs Benfica 3.60 Suspended 3.60 Suspended 1.68 Suspended
July 25, 2019 Tie
4:30A Tottenham vs Man Utd 2.40 Suspended 3.15 Suspended 2.40 Suspended
July 26, 2019 Tie
4:30P New York City vs Kansas City 1.62 Suspended 3.70 Suspended 4.40 Suspended
7:00P Los Angeles FC vs Atlanta Utd 1.44 Suspended 4.40 Suspended 5.30 Suspended
July 27, 2019 Tie
4:00P New England vs Orlando City 1.54 Suspended 3.90 Suspended 5.00 Suspended
4:30P New York Red Bulls vs Columbus 1.60 Suspended 3.70 Suspended 4.60 Suspended
5:00P Houston Dynamo vs Seattle Sounders 1.95 Suspended 3.50 Suspended 3.15 Suspended
5:00P Montreal Impact vs Philadelphia 2.30 Suspended 3.30 Suspended 2.65 Suspended
5:00P Toronto FC vs FC Cincinnati 1.32 Suspended 4.90 Suspended 6.50 Suspended
5:00P FC Dallas vs Real Salt Lake 1.68 Suspended 3.60 Suspended 4.20 Suspended
5:00P Minnesota Utd vs Vancouver Whitecaps 1.30 Suspended 4.90 Suspended 7.00 Suspended
5:00P Chicago Fire vs DC Utd 1.64 Suspended 4.00 Suspended 4.10 Suspended
7:00P San Jose Earthquakes vs Colorado 1.44 Suspended 4.40 Suspended 5.30 Suspended
7:30P Portland Timbers vs LA Galaxy 1.56 Suspended 4.00 Suspended 4.40 Suspended