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Congratulations Salvis!

Salvis S.

Salvis S. of Surrey claims historic PlayNow NHL Pool jackpot!

The largest NHL Pool jackpot in PlayNow’s history has been won.

Salvis S. of Surrey, B.C., wagered $160 with the winning ticket, claiming the prize of $58,880.00 after going a perfect 13-for-13 with his picks this past weekend. Salvis maximized the combo plays available, but the selection that stands out above the rest was the decision to take the Ottawa Senators to defeat the Toronto Maple Leafs straight up on Saturday night.

That pick paid off.

The Senators are at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings and nearly 40 points separates them from their bitter Ontario rivals. But on Saturday, the rebuilding Senators scored a solid 6-2 victory over the Maple Leafs, who have the sixth best odds to win the Stanley Cup this season.

Salvis’ ticket started with a combo play for the St. Louis Blues – Pittsburgh Penguins game. The Blues scored the win and Salvis was on his way to an eventual victory. His ticket closed Sunday evening with the Vancouver Canucks picking up a shootout win over the Dallas Stars.

Salvis used the final combo play available on that Canucks-Stars game, essentially solidifying a winning ticket for this pool.

The NHL Pool had rolled for several weeks, with numerous cards coming close to victory in the 12-for-13 range. As the pool rolled, the jackpot grew larger and larger, eventually settling at a historic $58,880.00 on Saturday morning just prior to puck drop.

This is Salvis’ second big pools win in the last two months.

In February, Salvis was the sole winner of the Super Bowl props pool, going 14-for-14 with his picks, turning the maximum $160 wager into $25,000!

The NHL Pool is back this weekend, with a starting jackpot of $10,000. A minimum $5 bet is all it takes to get into the action!