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Congratulations David!

David is the NFL Week 1 Pools Winner

Kamloops resident's $23 bet rakes in almost $96k in winnings from an incredible 20-game parlay!

David S. of Kamloops, BC placed a massive 20-game parlay consisting of NCAA Football and NFL games across Money Line and Point Spread markets. An impressive parlay for an even more impressive return!

The majority of the games on his ticket were blow-outs and all of the spreads were clicking early in their respective games. Luckily the one game that was close, took place halfway through college football action on Saturday. The Fresno State at Washington game was well on its way to covering midway through the 3rd quarter with Washington leading 48-7. With the large lead, the Huskies seemed to let up and wouldn't put any points up for the remainder of the game. David had the Bulldogs on the Point Spread at +33 and with the spread sitting at 41, Fresno State started to chip away. The Bulldogs converted two field goals at the end of the 3rd and finished with a late field goal near the end of the game to make the final score 48-16 which covered the spread by 1 point.

Take a bow, David. That was an extraordinary parlay to hit so early in the football season.