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Congratulations Brian Y.!


Few people will know the feeling of having over $21,000 waiting in the balance while a football game plays out in their living room.

This was the case for Brian of Port Moody as he was 11/11 going into the 12th game of his NFL Week 9 Roll-Over Pick 12 pool ticket. It just so happened to be the NFL Monday Night Game with the Seahawks playing at home to the Buffalo Bills.

Brian is a big fan of combo play on his pools tickets, but for this ticket he didn't play both sides. "I should've just done a combo pick and taken both Buffalo and Seattle to secure the win. I kept kicking myself all day about that as I was going to do both teams originally but last minute changed my mind and just went with my gut and took Seattle" says Brian.

We already know this story has a happy ending but it took a bit of stress to get there as Brian explains. "I had pasta cooking on the stove which ended up being way overcooked because I just simply couldn't forget about it (the game) and had no appetite until the game was over. I was so nervous the entire time even through the commercials breaks. There was lots of screaming, pacing back and forth and finally the jubilation right down to the final second. I've never felt that much anxiety and sheer joy since the gold medal game Canada vs USA 2010 Olympics!"

Brian has been playing pools every week this season and only accidently missed one due to the London game. We asked him what his pools strategy is and he says "I look at the team's performance in last 3 games, injuries, where they are playing etc. I used to always look at expert picks online but the last 3 weeks I stopped looking at them so it wouldn't influence my decision and I just went with my own choices and gut feel".

This strategy really paid off for Brian as it resulted in him being the only player that went 12/12 that week.

As for plans for the money; the timing couldn't have been better. "I can FINALLY start from zero and payoff my credit cards with balances that have "rolled over" for 3 years now (darn interest rates)!!! Xmas gifts for family and friends, taking my team at work out for lunch and definitely donating some money to charities that have personally affected me. BC Cancer, Heart Stroke, and MS Society to name a few. Most important an engagement ring. I've been looking for a few months now and since my girlfriend knows I won it probably should be at number 1 on the list". Well played Brian, well played.

Brian also wanted to make sure he gave a few shout outs to his friends. "Shout out to the poker crew C-lo, Ez-e, Eggy, Mango, D-rock, Franny, HJones and Vicki. Thanks for pushing me to never give up. You guys are my rocks."