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Congratulations David T.!


David T. of Winnipeg, Manitoba, won $37,336 on PlayNow Pools thanks to a last-second field goal.

David had chosen 12 of 13 winning teams correctly in the Thanksgiving weekend pool on, and just one game was left to determine whether he had won. David had picked the winners on several upsets earlier in the week on the same ticket, so knew going into the Monday night game that he had already done well - but he wanted the win.

When asked why he picked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the Monday night game instead of the Carolina Panthers, who had the best record last NFL season, he explained, "Earlier Cam Newton was hurt, and their running-back was hurt. That meant Tampa had a better chance."

However, David was nervous when sports analysts on the pre-game broadcast didn't agree. "Only 1 out of 8 picked Tampa!" he exclaimed during his visit to the PlayNow winners lounge.

"It was a hard going for a bit," he said, describing the game. "There were penalties, and [rookie kicker Roberto Aguayo] missed a kick and hit the post. I didn't know what was going to happen."

David was texting with friends, who were tuned in to the game to see if he would win the PlayNow Pool.

The game culminated in a last-second kick for a Bucs win:

"I was watching the game with my wife, and when the kicker went up I covered my face and said, "I can't watch this!" but then I uncovered it, then I covered it again. Then he made the kick and it was great, but I had to wait to make sure there were no penalties called. That was a long minute. Then it was good."

David received a flood of messages from his friends - he had won $37,336!

David enjoys betting on sports as well as playing Pools on "PlayNow makes it easy to deposit, and it's really just convenient. I like that I can use it on my phone if I want."

David's $5 ticket was the sole winner in the October 4-10, 2016 NFL pool, the largest since PlayNow Pools launched earlier this year. David did not have any firm plans for his winnings yet, but he has plans to travel with his family somewhere warm this winter.