Re-setting your limits

Please re-visit your poker limits and set them to what best suits your current poker play. Your previous limits will have to be re-entered. The changes will be effective immediately. Thank you. 

Setting Limits

Before you sit down to play your first hand of poker, you should set your limits.

Limits determine how much you can afford to lose per day/week/month, and how many hours you'd like to limit yourself to per session/day/week/month.

The Game Sense tab includes three sections:

  • Limit Time
  • Tournament Limits
  • Game Status
  • Lock Account

Limit Time

How many hours you would like to limit your time at the tables to. The maximum limits you are permitted to set are:

  • Max hours/session: 24
  • Max hours/day: 24
  • Max hours/week: 168
  • Max hours/month: 720

Tournament Limits

Players are defaulted to playing in 24 tournaments in a day, 168 tournaments in a week and 720 tournaments in a month.

You can choose to increase or decrease these numbers at any time.

The maximum limits that can be set are:

MTT per Day: 1000
MTT per Week: 7000
MTT per Month: 30000

Sit & Go per Day: 1000
Sit & Go per Week: 7000
Sit & Go per Month: 30000

Session Reminders

A session reminder is a pop up that occurs at regular intervals. Players may set this interval to 60, 120, 180, or 240 minutes.

For more information on managing your play, please visit GameSense