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Support and Resources

Talk to Someone

While gambling is a fun source of entertainment for many, not everyone can gamble in a safe, responsible way. For some, gambling can become a problem. Whether you have a gambling problem or know someone who needs help, resources are available.

Speak with a GameSense Advisor

We are here to support you with any gambling concerns you may have. Available from 8AM - 1AM CST.

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Call the Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Help (SPGH) Line

The Gambling Helpline provides help and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Knowing what to look for

If you’re wondering if someone you know and love might have a problem, here are some signs that may indicate they have a problem. The more signs a person shows, the greater the likelihood that he or she may have lost control of their gambling.

  • Gambling for longer and longer periods of time
  • Lying about how much or how often they gamble
  • Missing work or school to gamble
  • Neglecting personal or family responsibilities to gamble
  • Using gambling as an escape
  • Gambling with money needed for paying bills
  • Spending more money to recoup losses

Take Action

If you suspect someone is experiencing a problem with gambling, it’s natural to want to help. However, it’s up to the individual to seek help if and when they’re ready. What you can do is offer support by following the tips below:

  • Learn about available resources before approaching the person.
  • Help the individual face the problem as soon as possible. It may seem easier to make excuses or ignore the problem in the short-term, but it just allows it to grow and potentially become a bigger problem.
  • Try to communicate without being judgmental. Offering emotional support can lead the person to seek the help they need.
  • Do not loan the person money. It’s best not to support or enable their behaviour. Make sure you don’t encourage them to borrow from other sources.

Talking Tips:

Prepare examples of how the person’s gambling has had a negative impact on you and others

Communicate using “I” messages. For example, “When you do this, I feel…”

Offer resources if the person is open to getting help.

Get Support

GameSense Advisors

GameSense Advisors are trained specialists that can help keep gambling fun and on budget. They’re available by phone at 1-877-706-6789 or through's Live Chat.

Saskatchewan Problem Gambling Help (SPGH) Line

Professional, trained counsellors are available to provide support to people with gambling problems and their families. The line is confidential and free of charge and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call toll-free 1-800-306-6789.

Services include:

  • Information
  • Short-term counselling
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Referrals to regional health authority problem gambling counsellors and self-help groups

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)

These support groups are self-help groups for gamblers and their families/friends. For meeting times and locations, call toll-free at 1-855-781-9522.

Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) Holistic Wellness Centre

The PAGC Holistic Wellness Centre for the treatment of problem gambling is located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. The Centre’s mission is to provide support for problem gamblers and their families and community based education about problem and responsible gambling.

The Holistic Wellness Centre focuses on Problem Gambling (inpatient/outpatient treatment) and is the only ‘stand alone’ centre for the treatment of problem gamblers that is not based on ethnicity or residency.

Services include:

  • Outpatient Counselling
  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Day Treatment
  • Telephone counselling/Individual counselling
  • Evening Self Help Groups
  • Gamblers Anonymous Meetings/Gam Anon, Residential School Healing Circle
  • Public Information seminars and community based education on problem gambling

Call toll free: 1-866-765-5305 or 306-765-5305

File Hills Qu’Appelle (FHQ) White Raven Healing Centre

The FHQ White Raven Healing Centre is located in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. The Centre’s mission is to promote guiding principles that will encourage open communication with all individuals, families and communities. 

The primary focus is to provide traditional and conventional therapeutic counselling designed to address the legacy of inter-generational impacts of Residential Schools and unresolved trauma and family.

Services include:

  • 5-Seat Gambling Day Treatment Program
  • Group/Individualized Counselling
  • Family and Relationship Building
  • Gambling Counselor Training—Accredited 30-60 hours
  • Gamblers Anonymous Meetings
  • Gambling Mobile Treatment—four times annually

Call toll free: 1-866-748-8922 or 306-332-2608

Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC) Responsible Gambling Outreach Treatment Program

The STC Responsible Gambling Outreach Treatment Program is located at 1514 – 20 th  Street West in Saskatoon, SK. The mission of the program is to minimize or reduce the negative impacts of problem gambling on the individual, the family and the community.

Services include:

  • One on one counselling
  • Group counselling
  • Referrals to inpatient treatment centers
  • Awareness and Education Programs for all ages
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Interactive displays
  • Public awareness
  • Connect with personal speakers
  • Culturally relevant resources
  • Prevention and harm reduction programs
  • Adult education programs
  • Life skills
  • Healthy living
  • Alternative activities
  • Prevention information resources

Call: 306-956-0340


GamTalk is an online resource that helps people dealing with gambling problems in a variety of ways. It offers live chatting with other members of the community, a forum to present questions and respond to others, and stories about recovering from gambling problems.

The Credit Counselling Society

This group has been dedicated to helping Canadians resolve their debt and money problems by helping them get back in control of their finances. As a licensed and bonded, non-profit organization, they offer an objective and non-judgmental approach to helping people with their financial issues. Call 1-888-527-8999 to get help or make an appointment at one of their offices in either Saskatoon or Regina.

Journal of Gambling Issues

Published by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and funded by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, the Journal of Gambling Issues publishes articles on gambling-related research, policy developments, treatment, and much more. Take a look at the journal at