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3rd 1.83 Suspended Hamilton Tigercats (+5.5) 10 - 17 Saskatchewan Roughriders (-5.5) 1.83 Suspended 2 More
10:00A 1.44 Suspended Sweden @ Team Europe 2.80 Suspended 14 More
10:00A 1.90 Suspended Atlanta Dream (+3.0) @ Chicago Sky (-3.0) 1.80 Suspended 2 More
10:00A 2.00 Suspended Arizona Cardinals (-3.5) @ Buffalo Bills (+3.5) 1.82 Suspended 111 More
10:05A 2.26 Suspended New York Yankees (M Pineda) @ Toronto Blue Jays (M Estrada) 1.65 Suspended 6 More
10:10A 2.50 Suspended Philadelphia Phillies (J Thompson) @ New York Mets (R Gsellman) 1.54 Suspended 6 More
10:10A 2.26 Suspended Kansas City Royals (E Volquez) @ Detroit Tigers (M Boyd) 1.65 Suspended 6 More
10:10A 1.73 Suspended Boston Red Sox (E Rodriguz) @ Tampa Bay Rays (J Odorizzi) 2.10 Suspended 6 More
10:10A 2.58 Suspended Atlanta Braves (J Teheran) @ Miami Marlins (A Conley) 1.51 Suspended 5 More
10:35A 2.85 Suspended Arizona Diamondbacks (B Shipley) @ Baltimore Orioles (D Bundy) 1.43 Suspended 6 More
11:10A 2.10 Suspended Cincinnati Reds (B Finnegan) @ Milwaukee Brewers (W Peralta) 1.73 Suspended 6 More
11:10A 2.50 Suspended Los Angeles Angels (D Wright) @ Houston Astros (J Musgrove) 1.54 Suspended 6 More
11:10A 1.68 Suspended Seattle Mariners (T Walker) @ Minnesota Twins (H Santiago) 2.20 Suspended 6 More
1:05P 1.91 Suspended Texas Rangers (C Lewis) @ Oakland Athletics (J Cotton) 1.91 Suspended 6 More
1:05P 1.83 Suspended San Francisco 49ers (+10.0) @ Seattle Seahawks (-10.0) 1.98 Suspended 110 More
1:25P 2.02 Suspended Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles (+3.5) 1.80 Suspended 112 More
5:05P 2.42 Suspended St. Louis Cardinals (C Martinez) @ Chicago Cubs (J Lester) 1.57 Suspended 0 More

World Cup of Hockey- Sweden vs Team Europe

Sweden was defeated by North America in their previous game, yet still managed to win Group B. They face a tough European team in what should be, a close defensive battle. Stay locked in with PlayNow for all the entertainment!(Sunday 10:00AM PST)
Money Line Odds
Sweden 1.44 Suspended
Team Europe 2.80 Suspended

US Debate Novelties - First Name Trump Calls Clinton

These two obviously don't like each other so we expect some hurtful words to be said. What's the first name Trump will call Clinton? You decide! (Sunday September 25th 6:00PM PST)
First name Trump calls Clinton Odds
Crooked 1.64 Suspended
Liar 2.75 Suspended
Bigot 4.70 Suspended
Devil 8.00 Suspended

PGA Tour Championship

All the big guns will be participating in this year's Tour Championship. Dustin Johnson comes in as the odds on favorite, but he'll face stiff competition from superstars Jason Day and Rory Mcilroy. PlayNow has you covered on all the action!(Sept 22-25)
Outright Winner (Must Finish Under Par) Odds
Johnson, Dustin 2.00 Suspended
Mcilroy, Rory 4.80 Suspended
Chappell, Kevin 5.70 Suspended
Moore, Ryan 10.00 Suspended

NFL- Power Pick - OBJ vs Norman II

New York Giants, Green Bay Packers & Cincinnati Bengals ALL to WIN (Sunday 10:00AM PST)
Power Picks Odds
New York Giants, Green Bay Packers & Cincinnati Bengals ALL to WIN| 3.30 Suspended

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