The Benefits of Web Cash



Purchase with cash and play online. No credit card required*.

No Usage Fees

No Usage Fees

Avoid the fees when depositing online with cash.

No Expiration

No Expiration

Web Cash funds do not expire.


All your Favourite Games

Web Cash can be used to play all the games you love.

How to Deposit with Web Cash

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign up or Log in to your account.
  2. Scratch the front of your voucher to reveal the 14-digit Web Cash Code.
  3. Enter the Web Cash Code on the Deposit page to deposit your funds.

*No credit card required
*Credit card is required when registering for a new account for age, location and identity verification.

Find a Retailer


Web Cash is a payment option available in select retail stores where you can purchase a $25 pre-paid card and deposit the funds into your PlayNow account. Payment options are subject to availability based on the individual retailer.

Web Cash funds can be used to play all games available on Web Cash funds are subject to restrictions and will be credited to the Account's Non-Withdrawable Cash balance, meaning you will need to wager the equivalent amount of the voucher (excluding token’s or Free Play wagers) in order to withdraw the Web Cash funds.

If you need further assistance with deposit or have further questions, the PlayNow online chat is available or call the customer service line at 1-877-706-6789.

Web Cash is available for purchase at select Lotto! Retailers throughout the province of British Columbia. Use the interactive map above to help you locate the most convenient location.

Yes, Web Cash may be subject to credit card fees depending on your credit card provider.

Once deposited into your account, the cash can be used towards any product available on PlayNow.

Yes, however Web Cash carries no cash value until deposited into a PlayNow account.

Deposits made via Web Cash are credited to a Non-Withdrawable Cash balance. You are required to wager an equivalent amount on PlayNow products (excluding tokens or free play) before Web Cash deposits can be withdrawn from your account.


  1. You have $0 in your account.
  2. You make a deposit of $25 using your Web Cash voucher.
  3. Your account balance is now $25; making the Non-Withdrawable Cash Balance $25.
  4. You purchase a $5 lottery ticket. The ticket is a winner and the payout is $10.
  5. Your account balance is now $30 ($25 balance - $5 purchase + $10 winnings = $30).
  6. Your Non-Withdrawable Cash Balance is down to $20, because you made a $5 purchase. The $10 you won is now eligible for withdrawal.

No, Web Cash vouchers carry no expiry date.

Yes, purchases with Web Cash count towards all promotional spend requirements on PlayNow.

Web Cash vouchers are used for cash deposits, and are not considered tokens. The only difference between Web Cash and paying with a Credit Card/Interac/EFT deposit is the Non-Withdrawable stipulation added to Web Cash deposits.