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Behind the scenes of Lotto Max "Fish" & "Bear"

Many of you have been asking on our Facebook and Twitter accounts what inspired us to tell the tales of Lotto Max "Fish" and "Bear." Without further ado, check out our behind the scenes for these extraordinary protagonists.

The Making of Lotto Max "Fish" & "Bear"

These stories are way deeper than just showing big boats, big houses.

Shed is a 3D animation studio mostly specializing in character animations.

I'd say every 3 or 4 years we'll get just this one script that's a gen. We pan over top of the bears all nestled in there, all asleep except for the one main character, is someone who wants to sort of not be caught up in the gang mentality and just... live his dream.

You know when we received their treatments we immediately felt they had the right tone, they had the right design. Everything is a level of detail as small as a snowflake. It's blade of grass, it's a little needle on the trees [and] every grain of sand is actually sculpted [and] has been modeled by artists over here. We've got thousands of fish swimming in there and they've all got individual behaviors as they sort of dodge other fish and flock about and then do their thing.

In terms of bear, the challenge there was that, well, it needs to be modelled but what's happening under the fur needs to be modelled and not the fur itself, so you know we'll have footage of ourselves acting as bears do to get some reference. [But] we couldn't do that for the fish though because that would have been weird.

It's not just about physical things for some people I think, it's about changing your lifestyle. It's about seeing an opportunity and taking it.

Check out the completed Fish and Bear videos below:

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