Vacations are precious and finding the perfect destination can be a stressful beginning to what should be an enjoyable experience. So let us help! We believe everybody has a place where they feel the most at home, so we've curated a list for those with a Keno-winner-sized budget and those without. Join us on a journey to find your next BC vacation destination.

Georgian Bay Retreat

Are you a Luxurious Adventurer?

We've got your back! In fact, we have the perfect place for those of you who like to live both fancy and wild at the same time. If you love anything outdoors and everything luxury, dream about walking among ancient trees, gazing at open oceans and ending your day with a massage on a deck while being serenaded by the local songbirds, then your next vacation should absolutely be spent indulging your senses at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.

Clayoquot presents the wild side of luxury. This is next-level glamping; drenched with decadence in the middle of BC's wilderness. The decor is turn-of-the-century-inspired and captures the essence of an old-school explorer. This spot allows you to be in nature and comfort at the same time, effortlessly.

"I decided that the true luxury of this high-end summer camp is not its control over nature, but the lengths to which it goes to poetically frame it." – Zander Abranowicz, Travel & Leisure

Are you a Hardcore Mountain Grinder?

Do you live for the thrill of the outdoors? The smell of the woods, water and sweat? For a 'Hardcore Mountain Grinder' like you, Squamish is a gift from the gods.

Squamish is loaded with what every daredevil and thrill-seeker lives for: adventure. It boasts over 200 km of trails, biking, white water rafting, and rock climbing, and is packed with activities that will keep you coming back for more.

The Sanctuary

Are you a Wanderer?

Does the idea of standing on a shoreline watching a grizzly bear dive for salmon fill you with joy? Do you love exploring art, history, nature and culture? Do you relish in random facts, getting lost down the rabbit hole of museums, or wandering down unknown paths? Then you are a 'Wanderer' and Sonara is the destination for you.

Sonara will quickly become your home away from home. Sonara calls itself the 'ultimate Pacific Northwest, wilderness retreat,' and that's no understatement. It offers a rich array of experiences, activities and amenities. This is a place where exploration is the anthem and getting lost in the wonders nature is just part of the trip.

"We had an amazing honeymoon that we will never forget thanks to the wonderful staff and all of the Sonora peeps!" – David & Shelley Kani

Are you a High-Flyer?

Are Gucci, Armani and Dolce Gabbana names you throw around daily? Do you like to plan your vacation a year in advance and at the most trendy spots on the globe? Does your itinerary revolve around wining and dining, getting lost in the spa for hours, or touching up your tans? If so, then you fit the bill for what we call a 'High-Flyer' and Vancouver's shiniest new casino, Parq, is the place for you. Parq is drenched in style and luxury. From the gaming area to restaurants like Honey Salt, the air feels slightly infused with rose water. Parq is the ultimate playground for our high-flying traveller friends. It hosts two luxury hotels (JW Marriott and The Douglas); eight restaurants and lounges, a luxurious spa, a modern fitness studio and more, all delivering one perfect destination to live the high life.

Private Island on Lake Joe

Are you a Social Butterfly?

Do your vacations revolve around meeting new people and enjoying a good party? Do you chase the sunrise and get a thrill when the birds are singing on your way home? Then Whistler is the place for you.

Social butterflies, you'll find no better place than Whistler to spread those wings. The locals are transient mountain bikers, skiers and snowboarders who live life to its fullest and their enthusiasm doesn't stop on the trails. Make your way to Whistler if you want to meet some fun 'sort-of-locals.' And Whistler's award-winning restaurants, activities and clubs provide many happy hunting grounds for making new friends.

Are you a Spa Worshiper?

For some, there is no greater feeling than having your body and soul revived by a refreshing spa day. If you enjoy sunning by the pool, luxuriating in the spa, and coming back from a trip revived, then you are a classic 'Spa Worshiper,' and we have the perfect destination to fulfill all of your spa needs.

Sparkling Hill Resort sits high atop a granite bluff overlooking beautiful Lake Okanagan. This stunning resort pampers guests with everything from traditional massages to full-week retreats, and with farm-to-table dining options fit for royalty. This is the place where spa lovers can indulge in a unique opportunity to escape the ordinary and experience the extraordinary.

Manitoba's Mansion

We hope this helps you plan your next well-deserved vacation, or maybe you can make one of these destinations your next home by playing a game of Keno - it's fun, fast and easy to play with thousands of winners every day in B.C. If we missed anybody please let us know, we love hearing from you.

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