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Into the wild for World Cup picks

World Cup Odds (As of May 16):

Germany: 5.30
Brazil: 5.30
Spain: 6.00
France: 6.75
Argentina: 9.00
Belgium: 10.00
England: 15.00

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is less than a month away, and while 32 nations will battle for soccer supremacy, millions of fans across the world will be making their selections in hopes of achieving the perfect bracket.

Humans won't be the only ones to get in on the fun, either.

To update a previous report only several days ago, has indeed officially signed Hank, the 10-month-old raccoon, to provide his expert soccer selections for the launch of the Wild Cup Challenge prior to the start of the tournament next month in Russia.

No pressure, Hank...

World Cup Breakdown:

World Cup Bracket

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Match Betting

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Hank will now get his chance to follow in the, er ... paw-steps (?) of other great "animal oracles" - the most famous being Paul the Octopus during the 2010 tournament - who have taken their turn at making picks for the World Cup.

To make his picks for each match, Hank was given the choice between those countries' native dishes. A rookie showman but with a natural charisma in front of the camera, Hank worked diligently, taking in the array of aromas attached to every decision as the tension grew, before he made his selection and took a bite out of one of those finely prepared entrées to declare the winner.

As is likely to be the case when the competition finally gets going on June 14, Hank picked his share of upsets and didn't hold back in doing so, either. England's odds to win the World Cup currently stand at 15.00, but Hank clearly felt they cod knock off Germany, the co-favourites alongside Brazil, as well as France in the finale to claim their first championship since 1966.

There's no denying how great a plate of fish and chips can be. (OK, now we're hungry). But that's definitely a bold move.

It's been 52 years since England was last champion of the world. The drought not only continued four years ago, but it reached new and embarrassing depths as England failed to win any of its three matches (0-1-2) and didn't advance beyond the group stage.

Winning it all in 2018 would require a massive step forward for England following previous disappointments, which seem to have lowered expectations of what that side can achieve this summer.

Again, to our woodland friend, no pressure.

You, too, now have the opportunity to make your selections for the Wild Cup Challenge. If you have the top scoring bracket, you could win $5,000!

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