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Aztec Gold – Pyramid Climb ™ is an accumulator game where you set your initial stake and your winnings from each level are used as the starting stake for the next level. On each level you have the chance of collecting gems, and an accumulation of these results in a gem bonus award. Simply decide whether you want to play the next level or collect your winnings and end the game.

How to Play

Select the stake amount you want to play with by clicking +/- on either side of the stake window. As you increase this value the payouts per level also change. The payouts are displayed on the paytable within the game.

green bingo play buttonClick the PLAY button, then click a block on level 1 to start the draw.

If you pick a winning square (gold square), you have the option of playing the next level by clicking a block on the next level. Alternatively you can collect your cashpot winnings by clicking the COLLECT button. This will end the game and you'll be prompted to play again should you wish.

Avoid the two hidden losing blocks on each level. If you collect enough gems you will be awarded a gem bonus which is multiple of your original stake.

The number of bonus gems hidden on each level are as follows.

Level Number of purple gems Number of blue gems
10 1 0
9 0 0
8 0 1
7 1 1
6 0 1
5 0 1
4 1 1
3 0 2
2 0 2
1 1 2


Any gem bonuses collected are awarded even if you do not win the main game.

Zoom Function

Click orange magnifying glass zoom in icon to zoom in and click blue magnifying glass zoom out icon to zoom out in the game.

Bet Limits

The maximum and minimum bet in the game depends on the selected stake. If you set this setting to its maximum value, you get the maximum stake, and if you set it to its minimum value you get the minimum bet.

Error Handling

Please see the Player Agreement on our web site for information about software errors and malfunctions.


The paytables below displays the amounts you can win in the game, together with the return to player. The payout is also displayed in the game (click PAYTABLE).

Main Game

Level Pays Return to the Player
1 1.1 X 91.67%
2 1.35 X 92.04%
3 1.69 X 92.18%
4 2.18 X 92.48%
5 2.91 X 92.59%
6 4.08 X 92.73%
7 6.12 X 92.73%
8 10.2 X 92.73%
9 20.4 X 92.73%
10 61.2 X 92.73%

Gem Bonus, Purple Gems

Gems Pays
3 5 X
4 100 X
Return to Player, Total 1.27%

Gem Bonus, Blue Gems

Gems Pays
5 6 X
6 25 X
7 200 X
8 1500 X
Return to Player, Total 1.75 X

Return to Player

Please see the table above.