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Chuzzle Scratchcard

Chuzzle Scratchcard™

This is a scratch ticket with nine panels. A symbol is hidden in each panel. If three of the symbols match, you win the prize amount indicated by the symbol.

Play Game

How to Play

Before starting the game, you can change the arrangement of Chuzzles on your scratch ticket by clicking Shuffle. Select your stake by clicking one of the three ticket price buttons. (The higher your stake, the greater the amount you can win). Click Buy to purchase the ticket and start the game. Scratch each of the nine panels manually. The game is over when all nine symbols have been revealed. Any three matching symbols yield a prize. The cascading Chuzzle can lead to multiple panels being revealed with only one scratch. If there are three matching symbols before all panels have been revealed the rest of the panels will be automatically revealed. Cascading, disappearing and replacing Chuzzles does not have an impact on outcome of the game.


Bet Limits

The maximum and minimum bet in the game depends on the selected stake. If you set this setting to its maximum value, you get the maximum stake, and if you set it to its minimum value you get the minimum bet.

Player History

All played game rounds are stored on the server and can be viewed from the portal.

Unfinished Game Rounds

Any game rounds that for some reason have not been completed are stored on the server. An incomplete game round can be caused by a bad internet connection for example. Incomplete game rounds can, after a short delay, be resumed from the portal or by restarting the game.

An incomplete game round is stored on the server, together with the bet wagered in the game. In the event a game round is not resumed within a time period of 30 days, the game round will be removed from the server and the wagered bet will be returned to the player.

Error handling

Please see the Terms & Conditions on our web site for information about software errors and malfunctions.

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Error Messages

Insufficient Funds

You cannot start another game round when this error message has been raised. The error message will disappear once you have deposited enough money to play another game round.


This message is raised when you have not participated in the game for a period of time. Close the dialogue and start the game again to continue playing.

Logged Out from Portal / Internal Technical Error

This message is raised when you have not participated in the game for a period of time. Close the dialogue and start the game again to continue playing.

Connection Lost to Server

This message is raised when there is something wrong with the connection to the server. An unfinished game is created and you can replay the game round the next time you start the game.


Symbol Bet
1 X
2 X
3 X
4 X
10 X
20 X
40 X
200 X
1000 X