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The game contains two jackpots, the values of which are shown in the game display. Jackpot wins are not multiplied with the amount bet. You must play the maximum bet per line to be able to win the jackpot. If not, you win according to the paytable.

Paylines are aligned from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel. All wins occur on selected paylines. Wins are multiplied by bet per line. The highest win on each payline applies. Wins on different paylines are added to produce your total win.

How to Play

First, select the number of lines you wish to bet on by clicking +/- next to LINES. Then select how much you want to bet in total by clicking one of the bet buttons above LINES. Please note, clicking these bet buttons effectively selects the bet per line but the bet buttons show the total bet. Finally, click SPIN to start the game. Click SPIN again to play with the same bet, or change the bet per line and/or the number of lines to make a different bet.

Green bingo spin button

Bet Limits

The maximum and minimum bet in the game depends on the chosen bet and the number of lines you play. If you set all these settings to their maximum values, you get the maximum stake, and if you set them to their minimum values you get the minimum stake.

Error Handling

Please see the Player Agreement on our web site for information about software errors and malfunctions.


The current values of the jackpots are shown in the game display.

Super Jackpot

three sevens of different coloursObtain three sevens of different colour in the proper order to win the Super Jackpot. The winning combination is the one shown to the left, that is, a red, a green and a purple seven, in that order.


three sevens of the same colourObtain three red sevens to win the Jackpot.

Because of delays caused by latencies in the system, it may take up to 30 seconds before the jackpot display is updated. If you win a jackpot, the win amount may therefore differ from the one shown in the jackpot display. The contribution will be added to the jackpot after the game round has been finished. This means, the jackpot contribution that is made in the triggering round will be added to the jackpot when it is reseeded and will thereby not be included in the jackpot win. Also note, if multiple players win a jackpot at the same time, the win amount may be lower than the amount displayed in the jackpot display due to latencies in the system.

Jackpot Contributions and Start Values

When a player wagers a bet in a progressive jackpot game, a portion of the wager funds the increment of the jackpot and another portion funds the base amount of the jackpot (the buffer) and a portion of the buffer may also fund the jackpot.

Jackpot Total Bet Contribution (jackpot + buffer) Start Value in Credits
Jackpot 2.0% $600
Super Jackpot 2.0% $12,000

Jackpot System Down

If the jackpot system goes down, the casino will queue all contributions and winnings. If you win a jackpot, you will lose the connection to the current game and cannot resume playing until the connection between the casino and the jackpot system has been restored. When the connection has been restored, you will receive the jackpot win. Contributions which cannot be sent do not cause any disconnections. However, you will notice that the jackpots do not increase. The contributions will be resent when the connection has been restored. The same applies to bad internet connections, and jackpot win amounts are not affected by the bad internet connection.

If a jackpot is discontinued, the funds in the discontinued jackpot are moved to another jackpot that will continue.


The paytable below displays the win multiple for each winning combination (X times your bet per line). Click PAYTABLE in the game for the corresponding information.

Symbol Payout
apple watermelon cherry 200 X
apple apple apple 40 X
watermelon watermelon watermelon 20 X
cherry cherry cherry 10 X
Any 3 Fruits 3 X
pink-seven green-seven purple-seven 12000 X (red seven, green seven, purple seven, in the order shown)
three pink sevens 600 X
three green sevens 200 X
three purple sevens 100 X
Any 3 Sevens 20 X

Return to Player

If less than maximum bet per line: 94.19%
If maximum bet per line: 96.57%

When you bet the maximum bet per line, you have a chance to win a jackpot. That is the reason why the return to player varies.