Internet Explorer support ending

As of January 1st, 2020, no longer provides browser support for IE 11. If you choose to use IE 11 we cannot guarantee you will be able to login or use the site. We advise you switch to the latest version of either Edge, Firefox or Chrome.

PlayNow has launched a new Bingo platform. This is because Adobe have chosen to retire Flash Player in December 2020 and our previous platform would no longer be supported. To provide a better player experience we are launched our new platform ahead of Flash Player retirement. This new platform has improved mobile functionality so you can play anywhere, anytime. We have bought back the player favourite Stardust room as well as added a brand new room, Moonlight Diamonds. There is a host of casino games to play in each room as well as bingo. For more details on this change please read our FAQs below. 

Bingo FAQs

The old Bingo platform used Flash Player software, which Adobe is choosing to retire in December 2020. To provide a better player experience we have changed platforms ahead of limitations to Flash functionality and eventual retirement.

Yes BC and Manitoba are still a network. At this time, Loto Quebec will no longer be on the network, but we hope to be welcoming them back soon!

Chat will be available, however French chat will not be available at the time of launch. Chat moderation will no longer be available.

The new Bingo platform provides improved mobile gaming experience so you can play anywhere, anytime. We will continue to add new features after launch, such as Pattern plus Full card combination games.

Suite 75 is available on our new Bingo platform. The complete jackpot will be moved over to the new room.

The Coast to Coast Bingo room has been closed. The full amount of the Coast to Coast jackpot has been split evenly between two new jackpots in the Stardust Bingo room.

Due to player demand the Stardust Room has been bought back with a host of new games. Moonlight Diamonds is a brand new room to PlayNow where players can play Solitaire Bingo.

Yes mobile devices are supported on the new Bingo platform.

This game configuration isn’t available for launch but will be back soon.

Solitaire Bingo is a version of Bingo where players play against the house rather than other players. You can play this exclusively in the Moonlight Diamonds Game Room.

At this time you can only pre-buy for the next game round. This may change at some point.

There is an expanded selection of casino games available in the Bingo rooms for you to play!

Jackpots will still vary as they did before but without contributions from Lotto Quebec players the jackpots will take longer to build.

Announcements will be made on the Bingo homepage when new features are added.

We have an expanded selection of casino games available.