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About Coast to Coast

The Coast to Coast room has a Quartz Jackpot that starts at $20,000! You can play 24 hours a day with other players from BC, Manitoba and Quebec! Coast to Coast includes 66 winning patterns that constantly rotate throughout the day, changing for each game (or "draw").

Sales are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A new draw starts every 6 minutes and ends when a player gets a Full Card.

Each card (or “ticket”) is $0.25. You may purchase up to a maximum of 60 cards.

The prize pool payout for Coast to Coast is 65% of all sales for each draw. Bingo winnings are calculated using half to even rounding for each ticket. Rounding is used after every step of the calculation. The originally calculated prize will be displayed to players. For example, if $0.79 is divided between two winners, the prize will be rounded from $0.395 to $0.40 per player with the sum of $0.80.

When there are Consolation prizes for Coast to Coast, 5% of all sales for the draw go towards the Consolation prize.

How to Play Bingo

Select the 'Play Game' button in order to play bingo. The 'Play Game' button is located in the Bingo Schedule and in the game details on the bingo home page. The 'Play Game' button will open the Coast to Coast bingo room.

Once the bingo window is open, you can begin purchasing tickets for the upcoming bingo game. Use the bingo purchaser to select the number of tickets with the shortcut numbers of 6, 12, 18, 24 or 60 tickets. You can also use the '-' or '+' buttons to increase or decrease by 1 ticket up to the maximum of 60 tickets.

You can continue to purchase tickets using the 'Buy Tickets' button at the bottom of the bingo window up until the game begins or until the maximum number of tickets is purchased.

Select the Autobuy button to reserve tickets for up to 10 upcoming bingo draws with up to 60 tickets. Autobuy will be reset when the bingo window is closed or when a Session Reminder occurs as it refreshes the bingo window.

How to Play Mini Games

To play a mini game, select the game from the mini game menu located on top of the chat area. You can also use the mini game banners to launch a mini game which are displayed next to the timer between bingo games. You can play up to 3 mini games simultaneously.

Any open mini games will be closed when a Session Reminder occurs as it refreshes the bingo window. The closure of the bingo window upon the acknowledgement of a Session Reminder will not impact the outcome of the game. Any wins will be awarded to the account and will be seen in the Account History on the Transaction History tab. Players are also able to Replay the game located on the Transaction Details pages after selecting the date of the transaction.

Pattern Prize Table

Available prize and jackpot amounts are displayed in the prize window. If multiple players win the same prize in a game, it will be shared and split equally between them.

Prize Winning Pattern Max # of Ball Calls % of Prize Pool
1 Pattern 75 30%
2 Full Card 75 70%

Classic Bingo (5 Lines) Prize Table

Prize Winning Pattern Max # of Ball Calls % of Prize Pool
1 One Line 75 15%
2 Two Lines 75 15%
3 Three Lines 75 15%
4 Four Lines 75 15%
5 Full Card 75 40%

Classic bingo lines can be completed and won in vertical lines, horizontal lines or diagonal lines.

Consolation Prize – 2nd Best

When offered, the 2nd Best Consolation prize is won by the card with the 2nd best card closest to a Full Card for that draw. If there is more than one qualified winner for the game, one player will be randomly selected to win the prize. There will only be 1 winner for the Consolation Prize and will not be shared. 5% of all sales will go towards a Consolation Prize when it is offered.

Consolation Prize Table

Prize Winning Pattern Max # of Ball Calls % of Prize Pool
1 Pattern 75 30%
2 Full Card 75 70%
3 Consolation 75 5%

Quartz Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is won when a Full Card is met within 47 ball calls or less. If more than one player wins the jackpot at the same time on the same game, the jackpot will be shared equally amongst them. 5% of all sales will go towards the Quartz Jackpot for each game.