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Game type: Arcade

Game Description

The object of Balloonies Swap & Pop is to collect and complete a row of shapes.

At the start of the game, Balloonies Swap & Pop displays a 4x4 grid of Balloonies and a paytable consisting of 6 rows of shapes. Swap 2 Balloonies around to form a matching row or column of 3, which merge together and pop to reveal shapes. A row or column of 4 matching Balloonies reveal 2 shapes when they pop. The revealed shapes update the paytable rows.

Instant wins can also be revealed instead of shapes.

When a paytable row is complete, the associated prize is awarded. Multiple wins are possible.

When all possible swaps on a grid have been made, the Balloonies all float off and the grid is refreshed. The game continues until a bomb symbol appears instead of a shape. The bomb explodes, popping all the remaining Balloonies, after which the game displays a message indicating the game's outcome, and play ends.

How to Play

file icon How to Play Balloonies Swap and Pop [200KB]