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Game type: Arcade

Bonus round: Yes

Free spin: Yes

Game Description

Press SPIN to set the reels spinning. There are 6 spins at the start of the game, but the player can earn free spins.

Spin the reels to reveal letters and fill the crossword board. Complete 3 or more words on the board to win a prize.

Fill the same letter twice to "power up" the letter. Complete a word with a "powered up" letter to double the prize won for those words.

Fill the same letter again to "power up" again. Go on to complete this word to treble any prize won for those words.

Reveal 5 hearts or 5 stars in a game to unlock the Bonus Games

Minigame 1 – Super Spins Bonus

  • Spin the 4 Super Reels to reveal 3 colours. Find 3 matching colours in one reel to win the prize displayed to the right of the reel.

Minigame 2 – Mega Wheel Bonus

  • Spin the Mega Wheel until it stops on a COLLECT. Win any prizes the Mega Wheel stops on.

How to Play

file icon How to Play Crossword Spin [200KB]