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Game type: Scratch

Bonus round: Yes

Game Description

Upon pressing play you are presented with 2 play areas labelled WINNING NUMBERS and YOUR TICKETS.

The WINNING NUMBERS section consists of five "$" symbols and the YOUR TICKETS section consists of fifteen "star" symbols with the word "PRIZE" beneath.

Within the WINNING NUMBERS section, press each of the "$" symbols to reveal a number between 1 and 30. Within the YOUR TICKETS section press each of the "star" symbols to reveal a number between 1 and 30 and a prize amount, or a bronze coin or a silver coin or gold coin.

If a Gold, Silver or Bronze coin is revealed in the YOUR TICKETS section, the corresponding Bonus Wheel game is unlocked - Revealing a Bronze coin unlocks the Bronze Bonus Wheel game, revealing a Silver coin unlocks the Silver Bonus Wheel game and revealing a Gold coin unlocks the Gold Bonus Wheel game.

How to Play

file icon How to Play Golden Winnings [200KB]