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Here's your chance to win this holiday season with Winning Tree!

Available December 2 – January 5, this unique holiday-themed game offers the chance for instant wins, bonus games and a progressive jackpot that keeps on growing!

The progressive jackpot starts at $5,000 on December 2 and keeps on growing as a portion of every wager contributes towards the final jackpot amount on January 5. You’ll earn 1 entry for the jackpot prize draw for every $0.10 wagered. A $1 wager = 10 entries.

Winning Tree

How to Play:

  1. Press PLAY and the coloured symbols will fall into place on the 5x4 game board. Find a winning pattern of identical symbols to win a prize! Each time a winning pattern is displayed those blocks will be destroyed and new blocks will fall into place from above.
  2. Reveal 3 or more Bell symbols to win an instant prize.
  3. Reveal 3 Bonus symbols to activate the Bonus Game.
  4. Every $0.10 spent gains 1 entry into the jackpot prize draw, which takes place on January 12, 2022.

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