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Game type: Reactors

Bonus round: Yes

Free spin: Yes

Game Description

From the magical mine forty-eight gems cascade each play creates a cascade of new gems. Any 5 or more gems of the same colour connecting cause them to ‘explode’ and an award associated to that symbol (specified in the ‘Pay Table’ in the Menu) is paid to the player. Any exploding gems disappear and further Gems to replace the vacant areas drop vertically into place. Any further symbols 5 of a kind or more will burst and the reaction will keep going with further Gems dropping down until there are no more 5+ of a kind touching Gems. Includes 2 Bonus games:

  • Card Bonus: Two cards are dealt, 1 with a prize, 1 with COLLECT. If a prize is revealed a new prize card is dealt. Keep selecting cards and winning prizes until the player hit COLLECT, at which point all prizes previously revealed are awarded
  • Spin Game: Press SPIN to start the wheel. Win the prize the wheel stops and a prize is removed from the wheel to reveal an empty slot. Spin again to keep winning prizes until you land on an empty slot, at which point a prizes previously landed on are awarded
  • Includes free goes: Find 3 adjacent 3 FREE GOES to unlock the free go Bonus

How to Play

file iconHow to Play Super Gems [360KB]