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How to Play

Canucks Scratch is a 4 Game scratch card with 4 chances to win

4 scratch games per card each with set win values

Fixed top prize value

Your winnings will be credited to your account immediately

You will lose your bet amount if you lose the game

Choose your card

There are 3 differently priced cards priced at $1, $3 and $10. When you load the game you must first select the price of card you wish to play.

Start the game

Once you have selected the price of card the game will load. You must now press 'Buy Card' to purchase the card and start the game.

Once the 'BUY CARD' button has been selected there is a short reveal animation displayed before the scratch card interface changes to the 'in play' layout where the game can be played. The bet is deducted from your current balance and the game will display a short animation before entering into 'in play' mode.

When the 'in play' interface is displayed, the 'BUY CARD' button becomes the 'REVEAL' button. Tapping the 'REVEAL' button reveals each of the 4 scratch areas in turn from top left to bottom right.

Before entering in play mode there are two other buttons that can be used. The 'Other Cards' button allows you to select a different priced card. When you press this button you will be presented with the different price options. Selecting one of these options will change the bet amount which is displayed above the 'Other Cards' button.

The 'Auto Play' button allows you to select a number of cards to purchase that will then automatically buy, and reveal themselves until the total number of cards you selected has been played. If you press this button you will be presented with a number of options for total number of cards to purchase. If you select one of these options, the game will enter in play mode. You can press the 'Cancel Auto Play' button to stop playing autoplay. The current card being played is shown beneath the 'Cancel Auto Play' button.

How do you win?

Once a game has started, the user must 'wipe' the foil away from each of the 4 areas on the card by holding and dragging a finger over the relevant area. As the user 'wipes' the values of the area are revealed along with the effect of the foil falling away.

Over 80% of each panel must be 'wiped' (95% on a winning panel) for the panel to be considered complete. Each panel must be complete before the card itself can be considered complete and any win awarded or the game ended.

Game 1 located top left of the scratch card interface is won by revealing a Canucks Jersey. The win value is shown at the bottom of the Game 1 area.

Game 2 located top right (next to panel 1) of the scratch card interface is won by revealing 2 identical symbols horizontally on any of the rows. If you match 2 identical symbols you win the prize shown in the middle of that row.

Game 3 is won by matching any 3 values in the Game 3 grid. If you match 3 values you win that amount.

Game 4 located bottom right (below Game 2) of the scratch card interface is won by matching any 4 symbols in a vertical or horizontal row. If you match 4 symbols you win the prize at the end of that row. Please note: the "X" symbol in the transaction history stands for Hockey Stick, and "O" stands for Puck.

In the event of a win (once the card is complete), the total win value from all 4 panels is displayed briefly in a popup centrally on the scratch card interface. The total win value is also displayed in the 'Total Win' field located bottom right of the scratch card interface. Any win on each panel is also highlighted.

In the event of a loss (no win on any panel), an 'No Win on this Card' popup is displayed briefly centrally on the scratch interface.

It is also possible to win a free card. In the event that you win a free card you will be able to play an additional card at the same bet as the original ticket purchase.

Once the appropriate message has been displayed, the 'default' buttons return to allow the user to play again. Tapping the 'BUY CARD' button will reset the panels for the new game.

Maximum Win

The maximum total win on each ticket is shown below

  • $1 Ticket: $25,000
  • $3 Ticket: $75,000
  • $10 Ticket: $250,000

Once maximum win is reached you win the Top Prize for the purchased ticket, then no further winnings will be awarded.

The game has a maximum return to player of 85.0%, 87.0% and 90.0% at $1, $3 and $10 bet respectively.

Malfunction voids all pays.