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Paytable/Game Icons

Click the Paytable button to view the win multiples for the game. Payouts are shown in multiples of the winning line bet. A minimum of three consecutive icons on an active win line is required to win. The icons shown are how they will appear on the reels in the game:

Icon Description
Win lines pay all ways
Icon Number Payout
Rock Monster Rock Monster 7 5 -1000
4 - 100
3 - 50
Hotel Hotel 6 5 - 500
4 - 75
3 - 25
Mountain Mountain 5 5 - 100
4 - 50
3 - 10
Stage Dive Stage Dive 4 5 - 50
4 - 25
3 - 5
Ace Ace 3 5 - 25
4 -15
3 - 4
King King 2 5 -20
4 - 10
3 - 3
Queen Queen 1 5 -15
4 - 5
3 - 2
Jack Jack 0 5 -10
4 - 2
3 - 1
Wild Card Wild Card (Can crush) 8 Substitutes for any Icon (including Feature)
Feature Icon - Amp Smash Feature Icon (Amp Smash)
3 or more triggers special feature.
Explained in the Special Feature section of this document.
9 Triggers feature game

Return to Player

This game has a Return to Player of 94.81%.

System malfunction voids all pays.

What are Winning Lines?

The following is a chart of the 9 win-line paths available for selection. When a win-line is selected it is accompanied by an animation which clarifies its position, as described previously.

1 1 2 2 3 3
4 4 5 5 6 6
7 7 8 8 9 9


  • The highest single payment only is made per winning line. For example, five matching icons pays out the value for five icons and does not pay for four icons or three icons.
  • An icon can contribute to one or more win lines. The win line payouts are accumulated.

Setting Your Bet Amount

To set the wager, click the Bet button. If you go over your intended bet, continuing to click the Bet button will eventually return the bet amount to the minimum again.

IMPORTANT: See also the "About the Bet Max button" section

Select the Number of Win-lines to Play

Traditionally, the win line is the centre line running across the reels. Icons must appear on the win line as indicated on the paytable in order to win. This game allows the possibility of choosing up to 9 win-lines per game. You select how many win-lines to play with the Lines button. Each line you choose will have one unit of the bet you have selected (in step 1) attached to it, as each line can win separately in any single game. If you ignore the Lines button, then the default setting for the game will be used, which is all 9 lines.

Each click of the Lines button moves the line selection from 1 through to 9 respectively. Each click of the lines button adds one line to the selection. If you continue to click the lines button after 9, the cycle starts again at 1 line. The win line(s) and reel positions illuminate with each press of the button. Animations highlight each reel position and a "pathway" is shown making line selection clear and easy.

Bet Max Button

The Bet Max button is a feature which enables bigger spending customers to place large bets quickly. If you click the Bet Max button, any bet/lines previously set will be overridden.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING: when the bet max button is selected, the bet and lines will be set automatically as follows:
Bet Max = Maximum bet allowed/maximum number of lines playable AND playing all lines available.

Or put more simply:
Bet Max = Maximum bet (example: $900) divided by the maximum number of lines available (9), multiplied by the maximum number of lines available per-game (9).

$900 divided by 9 lines = $100 per line X 9 lines = $900 total bet per-spin.

To spin the reels/start the game

All of the information inputted so far is displayed just under the reels. Now click the Spin button to spin the reels to start the game. When the reels stop, any wins will be registered automatically and added to your account.

How to play the 'Amp Smash' Feature

Creatures Of Rock has a special feature called Amp Smash which, when activated, allows you a chance to win multiples of the line bet that triggered the feature. By playing a "mini game", all you have to do is make simple selections.

To Activate the Special Feature

For special features to activate, a minimum of three feature icons must appear consecutively on an activated win-line.

The wild card icon will count as a feature icon, if a feature icon is already present.

Any win multiples achieved in the feature are multiplied by the line bet that was used to trigger the feature – this total will be considered the winnings for the feature.

The number of feature icons determines how much can be won in the feature:

  • 3 Icons = win up to X250
  • 4 Icons = win up to X1250
  • 5 Icons = win up to X2500

Note: It is possible to achieve a X0 result in the feature (lose).

How to play "Amp Smash" Feature

Amp Smash is a feature in which you blow up amplifiers in search of big cash prizes. When the screen loads, you will see the Creatures of Rock band with 12 amplifiers behind them. Now, choose an amplifier from those available by clicking on it. One of the band members will destroy the selected amplifier in the search of gold. The amplifier will do one of two things when destroyed:

  • The amp can reveal a win multiple and gold:
    If you see a win multiple in the amplifier, it is considered a win; choose another amplifier, and so on... Each correct choice yields a higher win multiple which is displayed in the volume display on the control panel at the bottom of the feature window.
  • The amplifier will explode, sending the band member flying across the stage:
    When this happens, the volume display will reach the MAX and the feature will end.

At the end of the feature, the final win multiple achieved in the feature will be displayed, and then line bet that triggered the feature underneath. The total win for the feature will then be displayed which will consist of the final multiple achieved in the feature, multiplied by the line bet that initially triggered the feature.

The total win amount will be credited your account, then normal play will resume.

The Auto Button

Auto Spin: If you press the Auto button, you have a choice of 5, 10 or 25 spins which will automatically start each game without pressing the spin button. Each game will start automatically until something occurs that requires player intervention (like a special feature). In Auto mode, the Spin button becomes the Stop button which is selected to resume manual play again.

Game Controls

There are seven buttons on the cabinet of the slot, they are as follows:

Button Action
Bet Increases the bet in increments
Lines Increases the number of lines to be played per-game. (default=MAX)
Bet Max Instantly selects Maximum lines and bet
Spin Starts the game – spins the reels
Auto Automatically starts each game – the Spin button then becomes the stop button; which is pressed to disengage Auto spin
Gamble A gamble option offered on all wins – double or quadruple a win until you lose or the maximum win is reached
Paytable Allows viewing of potential wins – viewed in multiples of bet.