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Game type: Slots

Jackpot: Yes

Game Description

With free falling symbols, growing multipliers and power-up symbols, you’ll be sure to love this mad science!

Lightning Reaction

  • When an ATOM symbol is adjacent to a LIGHTNING symbol they will explode and cause a reaction that will make each instance of the lowest paying symbol across the grid disappear. This LIGHTNING reaction does not apply to the LIGHTNING, DNA, ATOM or WILD symbols.

Free Falls

  • When new symbols fall into the grid as a result of one or more winning combinations, DNA or LIGHTNING reactions, the FREE FALLS meter is incremented by 1.
  • If the FREE FALLS Meter reaches 5 or 6 from a single spin in the base game, 10 FREE FALLS are awarded.
  • If the FREE FALLS Meter reaches 7 or more from a single spin in the base game, 15 FREE FALLS are awarded.
  • If the FREE FALLS Meter reaches 5 or more from a single spin during FREE FALLS, 5 additional FREE FALLS are awarded.
  • The FREE FALLS Meter is reset after each spin. FREE FALLS will end when there are no FREE FALLS remaining or if the maximum win has been achieved.
  • FREE FALLS are played automatically, using the initiating stake and using the base game payouts.

Mega Drop

  • Mega Drop consists of three Progressive Jackpots - these are the Minor, Major and Epic jackpots.
  • For each spin, a proportion of the player’s total bet is contributed towards the Progressive Jackpots.
  • The Mega Drop jackpots each have payout values before which they must drop. By the time the progressive jackpot reaches its maximum payout amount it will have been awarded to a player.

How to Play

file iconHow to Play Dr. Reactive Mega Drop [204KB]