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Game type: Slots

Free spin: Yes

Game Description

Drop & Lock Deep Sea Magic is one of the first themes in this thrilling new series and includes a Free Game Bonus triggered by Pyramid symbols that awards 6 free games

Drop & Lock

  • Crystal ball symbols are SCATTER symbols. Land three or more of either symbol type in the same row to trigger the Drop & LockTM feature
  • Crystal Ball symbols appear on all reels in both base game and features.
  • It is not possible to trigger both the Drop & Lock™ feature and the Free Spins feature from the same base game spin.
  • Crystal Ball symbols contain cash values, which can be awarded only within the Drop & LockTM
  • The cash values on the Blue Crystal Ball symbols are less than or equal to 2x total bet.
  • The cash values on the Orange Crystal Ball symbols are more than 2x total bet.
  • A complete row of 5 Crystal Ball symbols will award a payout equal to the total across all the Crystal Balls in the row.
  • In the Drop & Lock™ feature, once Crystal Ball symbols land on the reels, they will drop to the lowest space not already occupied by a Crystal Ball symbol. Crystal Ball symbols will lock in place between spins.
  • Three initial spins are awarded when the feature is triggered. For every spin where there is one or more completed row of Crystal Ball symbols, the number of spins remaining will reset to three
  • Landing multiple complete rows in the same spin will multiply the total cash amount in the winning Crystal Balls by the number of completed rows.
  • If the Drop & Lock™ feature is triggered from within Free Spins, the Free Spins multiplier will not be applied to the Drop & Lock™ feature payouts.
  • If the Drop & Lock™ feature is triggered from within Free Spins feature, it will be played immediately. The game will return to the Free Spins feature after the Drop & Lock™feature has been completed.
  • The Drop & Lock™ feature is played with the same total bet as the base game which triggered the feature.
  • The Drop & Lock™ feature is played automatically.
  • The feature ends when there are no spins remaining, or the maximum win had been achieved.
  • There are no win lines in this feature.

How to Play

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