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Game type: Slots

Bonus round: Yes

Free spin: Yes

Game Description

Monopoly Big Spin Mega Drop is a roulette wheel game based on the popular board game Monopoly. Place your bets and SPIN the WHEEL to WIN. Land on Go and Free Parking for FREE SPINS or on Community Chest and Chance to trigger the BONUS WHEEL!

Wheel Payouts

  • The Bet will be awarded to the player on the first spin only.
  • If Free Spins are awarded from Free Parking or GO, the Bet will be awarded on the first spin then each Free Spin that is awarded will payout with multipliers only.
  • During Free Spins, landing on Free Parking or GO again will award more Free Spins.
  • The winning wheel segment will be paid out using the same bet which was placed to trigger Free Spins.
  • Bonus Wheel spins are awarded from winning Bets placed on Community Chest and Chance.
  • If Free Spins or Bonus Wheel are awarded from the Wheel these spins will be played automatically

Mega Drop

  • Mega Drop consists of three Progressive Jackpots -these are the Minor, Major and Epic jackpots.
  • For each spin, a proportion of the player’s total bet is contributed towards the Progressive Jackpots.
  • The Mega Drop jackpots each have payout values before which they must drop. By the time the progressive jackpot reaches its maximum payout amount it will have been awarded to a player.

How to Play

How to Play Monopoly Big Spin Mega Drop [204KB]