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Game type: Slots

Free spin: Yes

Game Description

Monopoly Electric Win$™ features Free Spins Bonus, Free Parking Feature, Chance Feature, Community Chest Feature, Railroad Feature, Luxury Tax Feature, Waterworks Feature, Electric Bulb Feature and Wild X2!

Board Feature

  • Each bet level corresponds to a board state. If the bet changes, the board state will change to the corresponding board state for that bet level.
  • Each time the SPIN button is pressed, the reels spin and 2 dice are thrown.
  • The player moves on the board according to the number obtained on the dice.
  • When the player lands on an unowned property, the property is marked as “owned”.
  • All properties of the same colour must be “owned” before any property development can take place.
  • Developments do not need to be uniform across the property set. For example, a set can have 1 hotel on a property, 1 house on another, etc.
  • Once a player owns all properties in a colour set, they build houses by landing on a property in the owned set. Houses are built one at a time. After 4 houses are built, the subsequent development is a hotel. One (1) hotel is the maximum development for any given property.

How to Play

How to Play Monopoly Electric Wins [204KB]