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Game type: Slots

Game Description

Accompany the mysterious Christopher and Isabella through the capital cities of Europe as you unlock new levels and locations with the popular Level Up Plus feature.

Main Game

  • 30 paylines
  • 3 x 5 spinning reel configuration
  • Special Mystery Wild Bonus randomly triggered changes 1 to 5 reels wild
  • Background and music changes based on the level

Bon Voyage Bonus

  • Trigger the bonus by getting 3 Bonus scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5
  • Second chance bonus trigger when 2 Bonus scatter symbols appear on reels 1 and 3
  • Get 2, 3, or 4 rolls initially
  • Map locations feature:
    • Lucrative Mini Slot Bonus
      • 2x Wild, 3x Wild, and 4x Wild symbols available on higher levels
    • Wheel Bonus
      • 20x, 25x, and 30x slices available on higher levels
    • Mystery Box Bonus that unlocks at level 4
    • Get additional tickets on the map for 1 or 2 extra rolls
    • Multipliers award 2 to 10 times the total bet

New Level Up Plus features

  • Earn Travel Experience in the base game and the Bon Voyage Bonus
  • Each Bonus symbol in the base game awards Travel Experience points
  • Level up by earning enough Travel Experience, which may:
    • Unlock more Location Backgrounds and Characters’ attire
    • Boost the payback in the Bon Voyage Bonus, as well as the Mini Slot Bonus and Wheel Bonus, with each level
    • Unlock Mystery Box Bonus on level
  • Level and experience points are saved for the next game

How to Play

How to Play Mystery Express [204KB]