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Game type: Slot


Free spin: Yes

Game Description

Plum Royale With Cheese is a standard 5-reel slot game with 20 winlines. All wins pay from left to right on each winline.


A Green “7” (Wild) substitutes for any Icon (except Cheese Scatter symbols). A Green “7” wild symbol doubles (X2) the value of a win it is part of (free spins included).

If 3 or more scatter icons (Cheese symbol) appear ANYWHERE in the result of a game, the free play feature is triggered. The number of lines selected for play does not affect the way the scatters are triggered; the scatter icons can appear in any of the 15 visible reel positions.

The Wild Green “7” symbol does not count as a Scatter Icon

You need at least 3 scatters in a single result to trigger the Free Play feature. How many free plays you get depends on how many scatter icons trigger the feature:

3 scatters = 15 free plays - plus x2 the total bet that triggered the free plays*

4 scatters = 20 free plays - plus x3 the total bet that triggered the free plays*

5 scatters = 25 free plays - plus x10 the total bet that triggered the free plays*

How to Play

How to Play Plum Royale with Cheese [204KB]