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Game type: Slots

Free spin: Yes

Game Description

Pride and Prey™ features Any Stake Rewards™ - a brand new game engine that rewards for plays!


  • Various rewards are available.
  • The ‘REWARDS’ button shows all rewards and the player’s progress towards achieving them.
  • There is no limit for the number of times a reward can be achieved. Once a reward is a achieved, the progress will be reset and can be achieved again.
  • Rewards are built up over time by various game accomplishments.
  • Cash amounts are awarded when a Reward is achieved.
  • The payout of a Reward is equivalent to the Reward multiplier multiplied by the average bet of the Reward session.
  • The average bet of a Reward session is the average bet whilst the Reward is active, and will be reset if the Reward is achieved, or if the Reward progress resets to zero.
  • When the Rewards panel is closed, the ‘REWARDS’ button shows the number of Rewards that are currently in progress.
  • Rewards progression is saved in between play sessions

How to Play

How to Play Pride and Prey [204KB]