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Base Game

WILD is wild for all symbols except Scatter Symbols.

Paytable reflects current bet configuration.

Only highest winner paid per winning combination.

Line pays must occur on adjacent reels, beginning with the leftmost reel.

Feature Description

Party Feature

Scattered three Party Symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 trigger the Party Feature. Pick presents to reveal monetary awards, special features or Party Poopers. When a Party Pooper is revealed, it ends the party and you are taken to the Party Favor round.

Party Favor

Choose a party favor to reveal an additional monetary award. If the party favor reveals a Party Saver symbol, the Party Feature keeps going from where it left off.

Multiplier Feature

The Multiplier Feature multiplies the value of awards for the next 1-3 presents. During the Multiplier Feature, party poopers cannot end the party and do not count towards the number of picks. If a Multiplier Feature is revealed within another Multiplier Feature it does not count as a multiplied pick, but is instead, played at the conclusion of the first Multiplier Feature. If triggered, the Multiplier Feature will also multiply the win from either the Dance Feature or Whack-a-Pooper Feature.

Dance Feature

During the Dance Feature, the feature meter increases as long as the Party Animal continues to dance.


The Whack-a-Pooper Feature initially awards 3 rounds. For each round, choose one of the three poopers whose heads are sticking up from the holes ro reveal a bonus prize. One additional round is awarded for each "Extra Whack" revealed. The feature awards a maximum of 20 rounds.

Surprise Party

A Surprise Party can occur randomly on any spin that does not contain a FEATURE 1 symbol or FEATURE 2 symbol.

The screen goes dark, and the lights come on to start the Party Feature.


Wins on multiple paylines are added together.

Total line bet must be divided equally between each active payline; therefore, all total bet amounts are not available

The total bet is the number of lines multiplied by the cash bet on each line.

Only active paylines can register wins.

Malfunction voids all pays and plays.

Classic Buttons

The "PAYTABLE" button will display the game's paytable.

Clicking on the "C" or "QB" buttons underneath the "PAYTABLE" button will switch between the two interface panels.

Clicking on the "+" and "-" in the "LINES" window will increase or decrease the number of paylines the player would like to wager on.

Clicking omn the "+" and "-" in the "BET/LINES" window will increase or decrease the amount the player would like to wager on each payline.

The "TOTAL BET" window displays how much the player will wager if they happen to hit the "SPIN" button at that particular moment. The "TOTAL BET" amount is made up of the number of lines displayed in the "LINES" window multiplied by the amount displayed in "BET/LINE" window.

Click the "AUTO PLAY" button to spin the reels until a predetermined outcome set in the Auto Play option menu is reached.

Click the "SPIN" button to spin the reels.

Quick Bet Panel

he "PAYTABLE" button will display the game's paytable.

Use the "QuickBet" Spin buttons for fast play. When using the QuickBet buttons, the number of lines played will always be the maximum number. The bet played per line increases a set amount on each button from the leftmost QuickBet button up to the rightmost QuickBet buttons. Any feature bet (if applicable) is included in the total stake for the QuickBet buttons.

Click the Auto Play button to spin the reels until a predetermined outcome set in the Auto Play option menu is reached.

Click the "SPIN" button to spin the reels.