How to Win

Bet on the outcome of five spinning reels. Match 3 or more icons on a win line to win a payout. Payouts increase depending on the number of matching icons you have.

Winnings are credited to your account immediately. If you lose, by having insufficient matching icons on a win line, you will lose your bet amount.

How to Play

  1. To set the bet you can increase or decrease your bet amount. Click either the plus (+) or minus (-) area on the Bet button respectively. This determines the amount of funds to debit from your account (demo or real money) as the bet.
  2. You have the opportunity of choosing up to 20 win lines per game. You can select how many win-lines to play with by either pressing the Lines button or the line indicator buttons (colour coded 1-20, situated on each side of the reels). Win lines will always pay from left to right only. The icon on the far left of the win line will act as a point of reference for finding at least two further matching icons as you move along the line towards the right. Each Win line has one unit of the bet associated with it, each line can win separately in any single game. If you ignore selecting either the Lines button or the line indicator buttons, then the default setting for the game will be used, which is all 20 lines.

    Each click of the Lines button moves the line selection from 1 through to 20 respectively. Each click of the Lines button adds one line to the selection. If you continue to click the Lines button after 20, the cycle starts again at 1 line. The win line(s) and reel positions illuminate with each press of the button. Animations highlight each reel position and a "pathway" is shown, making line selection clear and easy.

    To make things even clearer, each line has its own progressively colour coded button/indicator, starting with 1 (red) through to 20 (violet/purple).

  3. Click the Spin button to spin the reels to start the game. When the reels stop, any wins will be registered automatically and added to your account (if you collect the win).

Only the highest single payment is made per winning line. For example, five matching icons pays out the value for five icons and does not pay for four icons or three icons.

An icon can contribute to one or more win lines. The win line payouts are accumulated.

Special Features

In the special feature you play a Roulette mini-game which features enhanced payouts.

To activate the special features:

Three or more consecutive feature icons (from left to right only) are required to start the feature.

You will play the feature in the space where the reels normally are.

The wild card WILL count as a feature Icon.

The number of consecutive icons and the bet per/line set that triggered the feature will determine how many chips will be brought into the feature to play with. The formula used to convert the number of icons that triggered the feature into chips is as following (example assumes a $1 bet per/line set):

  • 3 Icons - 5x the triggering line/bet (example $1) * any wild multiplier (example x2) = $10 Total value of chips
  • 4 Icons - 10x the triggering line/bet (example $1) * any wild multiplier (example x5) = $50 Total value of chips
  • 5 Icons - 15x the triggering line/bet (example $1) * any wild multiplier  (example x10) = $150 Total value of chips

How to play "Roulette"

The Roulette wheel has been simplified to make betting easy. Following is a summary of the Roulette table and payouts for each bet:

  • There are Single Number bets (the wheel contains only numbers 0-8 inclusive)
  • There are Odd and Even bets
  • There are Red and Black bets

The payouts for the bets are much higher than normal Roulette. There are different payouts dependent upon the number of icons that triggered the feature:

Bet Type 3 Icons 4 Icons 5 Icons
Single Number x20 x40 X60
Odd and Even x3 x8 x12
Red and Black x3 x8 x12

Once you have been allocated chips as defined above, it is time to play Roulette. The game is played in the same manner as traditional Roulette:

  • The bet types relate to the possible outcomes of a single spin of the Roulette wheel; the ball inside the wheel will come to rest on a single number, which is considered the result.
  • Study the bet types available and decide on what bet/s you want to place, and the number of chips to be placed on each bet
  • Now select a chip for betting by clicking on one of the chip values from the 2 available. One chip will be of a higher value than the other. When a chip is selected it will spin to indicate that it is the chip that is in use.
  • To place a bet, move the mouse pointer over the desired bet type on the betting cloth in front or the wheel and click the mouse; one chip will be deposited on the bet. Each click will add one chip to the bet.
  • You have 3 spins of the Roulette wheel available to you. You must use all of the spins, unless you run out of chips.
  • You may place as many chips as you wish in a single spin, with a minimum of 1 chip per/spin. You may bet on more than 1 bet type in a spin, and bet different amounts on different bets.
  • When you are happy with your bet/s, click the spin button on the game cabinet - the wheel will spin and a draw result will be produced.
  • Any winnings will be stored and paid to you at the end of the feature - they will not be converted into chips
  • Place bets and spin the wheel again until you have either run out of chips or you 3 spins have expired.

At the end of the special feature game, you will be offered the option to gamble on your total winnings for the cash-play/spin that triggered the feature (this amount comprises of any line wins for the spin that triggered the feature, plus the total win amount for the feature.)

At the end of the special feature game all winnings will be immediately credited to your account.

Feature wins are added to any other win line payouts received.

Customizing the Lines Selection

It is possible to add or remove specific lines not only by pressing the lines up (+) and down (-) buttons but also by selecting line indicators individually (labeled 1-20 and colour coded) which perform as buttons and can be used to add or remove win-lines from the selection. The individual line indicator buttons can click on (illuminated), or click off (not illuminated):

  • To remove a selected line, click on the respective line number
  • To add a line, click on the respective line number.

Note: It is possible to use a combination of the Lines Button and individual Line Indicator buttons to select lines. If you are doing this then please remember the following:

If (-) is pressed the highest selected line is deselected. If (+) is pressed the lowest unselected line is selected.

The following is a chart of the 20 win-line paths available for selection. When a win line is selected it is accompanied by an animation which clarifies its position, as described previously.

The 20 win line Paths:

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20

NOTE: Win lines pay left to right ONLY (except scatter Icon).

Win Line Indicators

All line wins will be displayed in a coloured box by the respective line indicator.

Paytable/Game Icons

Click the Paytable button to view the win multiples and icon list for the game. Payouts are shown in multiples of the winning line bet. A minimum of three consecutive icons from left to right on an active win line is required to win (the only exception is the scatter icon, which is explained in its own section).

Icon Description Icon Number Payout Icons
3 4 5
WILD CARD - Slot Wild: Substitutes for any Icon (except scatter and Jackpot Icon). Has random multiplier attached* 12 * Random multiplier attached X2, X5 or X10 (see: Wild Card Bonuses)
SCATTER ICON - Chip: Win Free-Spins with enhanced reel set. (see: Scatter to Free Play section) 11 X2 Plus free spins X5 Plus free spins X10 Plus free spins
FEATURE ICON - Roulette: (see: Special feature section) win cash by playing the Roulette mini-game 10 1 x Plus Play Roulette Feature Game
Progressive Jackpot - Champagne - Win one of 3 Jackpots 9 Mini Jackpot Midi Jackpot Maxi Jackpot
VIP 8 30 60 120
Snake Eyes 7 20 50 100
Blackjack 6 15 25 35
Poker 5 12 20 30
Green seven 4 10 15 25
Purple Seven 3 6 12 18
Slot 2 5 10 15
Vegas 1 2 3 6
Orange Seven 0 1 2 5

Note: Win lines pay left to right ONLY (except scatter). Payouts are shown in multiples of the winning line bet.

The Auto Button

Auto-Spin is used to play more than one spin without selecting the spin button each time to start a game. If the Auto-Spin is selected, each spin will start automatically until something occurs that requires player intervention or the number of spins set expiries.

Select the desired number of spins using the plus and minus buttons in the auto-spin display area - each click of the respective button increases or decreases the amount of spins that will take place.

When you are happy with the number of auto-spins selected, click the Autospin button; the auto-spins will now begin. Each spin will start automatically until the selected number of spins expires, or something occurs that requires player intervention.

If you change your mind and want to cancel the auto-spins you have selected, the auto-spin function can be cancelled by clicking the stop button - formerly the spin button when auto-spins are active.

If there is a win during auto play the Gamble Button, Auto Spin Button and Stop Button will flash alternately for a short while; if you don't press anything then the auto spin will continue. If you choose to gamble then autospin will continue when you exit the gamble game. If you press the Auto Spin it will skip any win animations and continue with auto spins. If you press Stop it will cancel the remaining auto spins.

Any interaction by you during auto play (except that described above) will stop it immediately.

The Gamble Feature

With any win (except any Progressive Jackpot), you will be offered the opportunity to gamble it. With the gamble feature you can either double or quadruple a win if you correctly guess the colour or suit of the next card to be revealed respectively.

In the Feature, you now have 3 options:

  1. Select/click one of the 4 suit buttons (which pay X4). A single card will be drawn. If you are correct, the current win will be multiplied by X4. If you are incorrect, you lose the win.
  2. Select/click one of the 2 suit colour buttons, Red (Diamonds/Hearts) or Black (Spades/Clubs), which pay X2. If you are correct, the current win will be multiplied by X2. If you are incorrect, you lose the win.
  3. You may click the collect button at any time to collect the win.

You may gamble your win until you either lose or reach the maximum win, which is $10,000. You may collect the win at any time.

You are not permitted to gamble a win if the successful result would exceed $10,000.


If you have won $3,000, you may gamble using X2 buttons once only. The X4 buttons will be inactive because a X4 win would exceed $10,000.

When is the Gamble option offered?

The Gamble option will be offered on the total amount of winnings achieved in a single cash spin/play. This means that if you get Line wins, free-spins and a Special Feature game in a single spin, each will be played out in turn, and then the gamble option will be offered on the total amount won in the cash spin/play.

After any win (except any Progressive Jackpot), the Gamble button will blink; either select the option to gamble and money credited into your account will be used to play the Gamble Feature, or continue to resume normal play and click 'spin'.

Note: If you lose a gamble, you will win nothing.

Scatters to Free Play

If 3 or more scatter icons appear ANYWHERE in the result of a game, the free play feature is triggered. The number of lines selected for play does not affect the way the scatters are triggered; the scatter icons can appear in any of the 15 visible reel positions. The Wild Card does not count as a scatter Icon.

What happens if I get 3 or more Scatter Icons in a single game?

If you get 3 or more scatters in the result of a single game, the scatter icons will illuminate with an animation. You will be awarded a bonus payment in addition to whatever free spins are won:

  • 3 scatter icons pay - X2 Total bet that triggered the scatters
  • 4 scatter icons pay - X5 Total bet that triggered the scatters
  • 5 scatter icons pay - X10 Total bet that triggered the scatters

Now you will move on to the Scatter Bonus Round to finalize the details of the free spin feature.

Playing the Scatter bonus Round

You will now see that the 15 reel position boxes will have question marks upon them.

Click on boxes one at a time until you reveal the "Start Free Spins" box (which automatically stops the scatter bonus round).

Inside the boxes are:

- A number of Free-spin quantities

Free spin quantities will be added together to give a grand total of spins for the feature. For example: 2 spins + 1 spin + 3 spins = 6 free spins for the feature.

- One Start free spins

When the "start free spins" box is revealed - the choosing period ends automatically; the details of your free-spins will be displayed on screen in an animation which plays over the boxes. The free spins will then begin automatically.

Free-Spin Functionality

The free-spin reel set is different to the reel set used in normal play. The reel set contains enhancements that are unique to the free-spins:

  • Progressive Jackpots cannot be won during Free Spins.
  • Feature Games cannot be triggered during Free Spins.
  • There are no regular Wild Cards during Free Spins, instead there are Super Wild Cards (details below).
  • Super Wild Card are available only on Reels 2, 3, 4, 5 during Free Spins.
  • Scatter icons are available only on Reels 1, 2, 3, 5 during Free Spins.

Super Wild Cards:

Appear only in the free-spin reel set. The Super Wild Cards will replace the wild cards in normal reel set. Super Wild Cards behave like normal wild cards in that they will substitute for any icon to make the best win possible (except the Jackpot and Scatter Icons).

The Super Wild will also display a number. This Wild remains in play for that number of further spins. Note that Super Wilds only appear when the free spin feature is being played and will disappear after the last sticky spin or the last free spin (whichever occurs first).

After the spin in which the icon appeared, the icon will stick in position and the reels will move underneath the icon during the following spin. The number on the icon will decrease by one with each consecutive spin until the functionality is exhausted. The icon will disappear after the last "sticky" spin; normal free-spins resume until exhausted.

General Rules About Free-Spins

  • Free plays are free spins that start automatically and play out consecutively until they are exhausted.
  • The talkback area will display all the free spins remaining on the left of the display. The right side will display the total win amount generated from the free spins.
  • The bet and number of lines selected in the game that triggered the free plays will be used for the duration of the free play period.
  • If you get 3 or more scatter icons in a single spin during the free plays, you will receive more free spins and these free spins will be added to your current free spin total.
  • Extra free plays are possible more than once in a feature
  • Total free spins available to the player cannot exceed 997 at any given time. If a player wins free spins that would exceed this amount, they will receive enough spins to reach 997 and any excess free spins are forfeited.
  • There is no maximum on the cumulative amount of free spins that can be won per feature.
  • Free spins uses a different reel set to normal play
  • Free spins do not count in the countdown of auto spins; when free spins start auto spins are cancelled.
  • Free spins start spinning automatically and require no user interaction.

At the end of the free spins a congratulations screen appears covering the game reels which displays the amount won; click this screen to skip if desired.

The Gamble Feature will be offered on the total amount won on the single cash play that triggered the free-spins (any other line/feature wins from the initiating spin will be added to the free-spin winnings total). If the win is collected, the winnings will be credited to your account; normal play then resumes.

Scatter and Free Spin wins are added to any other win line payouts received.

The Wild Card Bonus

For a standard icon line win, you need at least 3 consecutive icons appearing from left to right on an activated win line (except the scatter icon). A wild card will substitute any standard icon except the Jackpot and Scatter, to make the best win possible. Note: The wild card will substitute for a feature Icon, but no win multiplier will be present as the feature icons trigger a mini game that wins in its own right.

In addition to this, the wild card has a random multiplier value attached (X2, X5 or X10) which is revealed during the wild card animation. This means that a win containing a X5 wild card would pay 5 times the standard paytable value for the win.

Example: 4 win icons + 1 wild card (revealing X5)

= The standard payout for 5 win icons (example X20)

Plus the X5 bonus

20 X 5 = X100 payout for the win

Example: Any 2 win icons and 2 wild cards consecutive (left to right) on a win line would create a payout for 4 of the "non wild" cards that created the win, plus a X2 wild win bonus.

Note: 2 or more wild cards being part of a win does not further increase the bonus payout.

The Progressive Jackpot

The progressive Jackpot consists of a fixed minimum amount which gradually increases by a percentage of funds inputted into the game until it is won. When the jackpot is won, it is reset to the "seed" amount and begins to rise again. The progressive Jackpot icon is connected to 3 progressive jackpots. Which progressive jackpot is won depends upon, the number of consecutive icons (paying left to right on any ACTIVE win line only - no wild card substitution). Progressive Jackpots are available in real play only; each individual current Jackpot total is displayed above the talk-back panel.

  • Mini=3 consecutive Icons (paying left to right only)
  • Midi=4 consecutive Icons (paying left to right only)
  • Maxi=5 consecutive Icons (paying left to right only)
  • The jackpot can only be won when the jackpot symbols line up consecutively from left to right on an ACTIVE win line.

The Wild Card will not substitute for a Progressive icon.

It is not possible for two players to simultaneously win the Jackpot: the jackpot is locked when it is being won, this means that no other bets will be accepted for it, so only 1 player at a time is able to win it; the first player would win the jackpot and the second attempt would be unable to place their bet as the jackpot amount that they are playing for has decreased.

The seeds (or starting values for the respective jackpots) are: Mini=$100, Midi=$1,000, Maxi=$10,000.

Contributions to the jackpot come solely from BCLC. BCLC calculates the contribution based on a players bet being greater or equal to the minimum qualifying bet. The following contributions will be based on the bet/line and added to the jackpot: Mini=1.0%, Midi=1.0%, Maxi=1.0%.

Winning a progressive jackpot neither contributes to, or is affected by the daily cumulative winnings limit.

Players may win multiple different Progressive Jackpots (of Mini, Midi, and Maxi) on different win lines in one spin. However, regardless of on how many winning lines the Jackpot icons may appear, only one of each type of Progressive Jackpot wins can be paid.

For example if a player receives 5 Jackpot icons on one paid win line and 5 jackpot icons on any other paid win line, only one Jackpot prize (the Maxi Jackpot) will be paid by BCLC.

Multiple DIFFERENT Progressive Jackpots can be won on one spin however, provided that the wins occur on separate win lines.

For example a player may win with 5 Jackpot icons (Maxi jackpot) on Line 1, and the player could also win for 3 Jackpot icons (Mini Jackpot) on line 3, provided the player had activated both win lines. To be clear, the player would ONLY be paid the Maxi Jackpot (highest pay) for the line 1 win, and not any other win (Mini or Midi) on line 1.

To qualify for the Progressive Jackpot you must have a minimum bet of $0.10 per line

Return to Player

The game has a return to player of 94.05%. If you are betting less than the minimum qualifying bet of $0.10 per line, the game has a return to player of 90.13%.

System malfunction voids all pays.