How to Play

WHEEL! OF! FORTUNE! Based on one of the most popular game shows of all time, Wheel of Fortune - Hollywood slot machine gives you a chance to win great cash prizes.

Winnings are credited to your account immediately. If you lose, by having insufficient matching icons on a win line, you will lose your bet amount.

How to Play

  1. Select the number of lines you would like to play by pressing the (+) to increase the number of lines or the (-) to decrease the number of lines. The maximum number of lines available for play is 5. Each click of the plus (+) or minus (-) Lines buttons adds or subtracts one line to the selection up and down respectively between 1 and 5. The win line(s) and reel positions illuminate with each press of the button. Animations highlight each reel position and a "pathway" is shown making line selection clear and easy.
  2. Next select the Line Bet you would like to place. The Line Bet will apply to EACH line you would like to bet. Thus your total bet will be your Line Bet * Number of lines. For example $0.10 per line * 5 lines = $0.50. Use the (+) and (-) buttons to increase or decrease your Line Bet.
  3. The Max Bet button will automatically select the maximum number of lines (5) and the maximum Line Bet available. After clicking Max Bet, the player can change the wager as per point 1.
  4. Win lines will always pay from left to right only. The icon on the far left of the win line will always be the starting point for all wins. Each Win line has one unit of the bet associated with it, each line can win separately in any single game. If you ignore selecting either the Lines button or the line indicator buttons, then the default setting for the game will be used, which is all 5 lines. Each line has its own progressively colour coded indicator.
  5. Click the Play button to spin the reels to start the game. When the reels stop, any wins will be registered automatically and added to your account.

Only the highest single payment is made per winning line. For example, five matching icons pay out the value for five icons and not for four icons or three icons.

Any icons can contribute to one or more win lines. Separate win line payouts are accumulated.

Bonus Jackpot Round

  1. 3 Bonus Wheel icons on an active win line will start the Bonus Jackpot Round.
  2. Bonus Wheel icons appear only on reels 1, 2 and 3.
  3. The Bonus Jackpot amount is determined by the Bonus Jackpot meter in the top left corner of the game screen.
    1. Bonus Jackpot Awards can ONLY be won in the Bonus Jackpot Round.
    2. During regular play, the Bonus Jackpot meter will increase when a player receives a Red, Orange, or Yellow Bonus Jackpot Icon.
    3. The credit value of each Bonus Jackpot Icon is based on your total bet. The Yellow and Orange Bonus Jackpot Icons add the same number of credits as your total bet. The Red Bonus Jackpot Icon adds twice as many credits as your total bet.
  4. Once the Bonus Jackpot Round has been triggered, a special screen will appear in place of the reels and the game will begin.
  5. Begin by spinning the wheel ("Spin").
  6. After the first spin, you may take your prize, or spin again for a chance to win more prizes.
  7. Before any second spin 4 Bankrupt spaces will replace 4 Prize spaces on the bonus wheel. If you choose to spin again and land on any of the bankrupt spaces YOU WILL LOSE all prizes gained during the bonus round. If you win another prize, 4 more bankrupt spaces will be added to the wheel and so on. You may take your prize after any successful spin.
  8. If you land on Bankrupt you will lose all accumulated prizes, but will be awarded a consolation prize. You will then be given the option of playing a further double up game or you can take your prize and return to the regular game.
  9. The starting prize for the double up game is line wager times ten (10).
  10. You can play the double up game a maximum of five (5) times.
  11. Once you return to the regular game the Bonus Jackpot meter WILL BE RESET TO BASE; regardless if you won a jackpot prize in the bonus round.
  12. The first time you play Wheel of Fortune, or after playing in the Bonus Jackpot Round, the Yellow, Orange, and Red Jackpot Accumulators will be set to 50, 75 and 100 times the minimum line bet, respectively. If the win line that first activates the Wheel Bonus has more than the minimum bet wagered on it, additional credits will be added to the Jackpot Accumulator. The supplemental credits are as follows:
    1. Top jackpot (Red): 100 x (every credit over 1 wagered on a bonus-triggering win line).
    2. Middle jackpot (Orange): 75 x (every credit over 1 wagered on a bonus-triggering win line).
    3. Bottom jackpot (Yellow): 50 x (every credit over 1 wagered on a bonus-triggering win line).

Paytable/Game Icons

Click the Paytable button to view the win multiples for the game. Payouts are shown in multiples of the winning line bet. A minimum of three consecutive icons on an active win line is required to win. The icons shown are how they will appear on the reels in the game. Paytable pays right to left and left to right:

Icon Description Payout Icons
1 2 3 4 5
Wild card icon WILD CARD - WILD: Substitutes for any Icon (except BONUS and Bonus Jackpot Icons). - - - - 12,500
Bonus wheel icon BONUS WHEEL - 3 launches Bonus Jackpot Round Play in the Bonus Jackpot Round
Wheel of fortune icon Wheel of Fortune Logo 2 5 100 500 12,500
Island icon Island - - 80 400 1200
Cruise icon Cruise - - 65 325 1000
Ring icon Ring - - 50 250 750
3 gold bars icon 3 Bars - - 30 150 450
2 gold bars icon 2 Bars - - 20 100 300
1 gold bar icon 1 Bar - - 10 50 150
Any bar icon ANY Bar - - 5 15 45
Watermelon icon Melon - - 15 75 200
Grapes icon Grapes - - 12 60 180
Orange icon Orange - - 10 50 125
Strawberry icon Strawberry - - 5 25 75
Any bonus backpot icon Any Bonus Jackpot (WILD does NOT substitute) - - 25 125 375

Bonus Jackpot Round Possible Results

The Bonus Jackpot Round wheel consists of 25 results.

23 of 25 results on the Bonus Wheel have a numerical value; ranging from 15 (times line bet) to 55 (times line bet).

In addition, there are 2 Jackpot results the player can land on:

  • One Jackpot result is 100% Yellow (bottom jackpot).
  • One Jackpot result is 2/3 Orange (middle jackpot) and 1/3 Red (top Jackpot).

The Bonus Wheel result amounts are multiplied by the line bet that triggered the bonus (except either Jackpot result).

The 5 Win Line Paths

1 top 1 and 5, middle 2 and 4, bottom 3 2 top 1 to 5 3 middle 1 to 5 4 bottom 1 to 5 5 top 3, middle 2 and 4, bottom 1 and 5

NOTE: Win lines pay left to right ONLY.

Win Line Indicators

All line wins will be displayed with a blinking win line indicator. A box will also form around the icons that match to award the prize.

Return to Player

This game has a Return to Player of 96.01%.

All win line wins occur on wagered lines only.

Only highest winner paid on each win line.

Only one award paid per win line.

Coinciding wins on different win lines are added.

You can spin up to six times in the Wheel Bonus.

You can spin up to five times on the Double or Nothing Wheel.