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Auto Blackjack is a state of the art online game, based on the classic card game in which you play between one and 5 hands of Blackjack against the house as a single player.

Select Demo or Real Play

The game offers both "Real Play" and "Demo Play"options.

Demo play - Play for Free

Select this version to play with virtual funds – try the game without spending real money.

Real play - Play for real money

Select this version to play with real money. If you have not registered already – you will need to create an account. To register, follow the on screen instructions.

How to Play

The object of Blackjack is to beat the house by obtaining a hand (two or more cards) with a value greater than the house, without exceeding 21 points. A hand of 22 or more ends the game in favour of the house and is considered a ‘bust’.

When playing multiple hands, each hand is finalised in sequence, before the house finalises its hand.

Number of decks and card values

The game uses 8 decks of 52 cards which are shuffled after each game.

Every card in Blackjack has an assigned value, they are as follows:

Card Value (the suit is always irrespective)
Ace 1 or 11 - soft is when the hand value is low enough for the Ace card to be assigned its higher value of 11 without going bust. When an Ace is assigned a value of 1 it is considered hard
The player can always draw at least one card to a soft hand without busting.
Numbers 2-10 Face value e.g. a three of diamonds has a value of 3
All picture cards 10 e.g. King of Hearts has a value of 10

Choose an appropriate chip value for betting

At the bottom left hand side of the game, you will see the chip selection area containing the chips available for betting. 5 of which are visible at any one time, any other chips will become visible as the player clicks on the farthest chip to the right or left. One chip will be selected by default. A selected chip will glow and be slightly larger than the others. To change the chip value, click on another chip of a more suitable value.

Choose how many hands to play and place suitable bets

You may play between 1 and 5 hands of blackjack. There are 5 betting areas visible on the cloth, 1 for each playable hand. To play a particular hand, you must place a bet inside the respective bet area. To place a bet, place the mouse pointer inside a bet area - each click of the mouse will deposit a chip on the respective hand at the value selected. You may mix chip values on any bet if you wish.

When the mouse pointer is inside any given bet area the bet area will be highlighted and, if a bet has been placed, the total amount staked for that bet will appear in the talkback.

The bet to all button

Before any chips have been placed a bet to all button will be visible on the bottom bar. Each click of this button will deposit one unit of the chip value selected on each bet area. For example: If a "1" value chip is selected and the bet to all button is used, then a "1" value chip will be placed in each of the bet areas, a total bet of "5" (1x5) units will be placed with each click of the bet to all button.

Use the clear button to remove all bets from the table.

Use the undo button to remove the last chip placed on the table.

Deal the cards

When happy with you bets select the deal button. One card will be dealt face up to each hand being played from the right. The dealer will then receive a card face up. A second card will then be dealt face up to each hand being played from the right. The dealer is not dealt a second card at this stage.


If the dealer's card is an Ace insurance will be offered. Insurance is a side-bet of half of the stake on any hand being played. If insurance is accepted on any hand, and the dealer has Blackjack; the initial stake value will be lost, but the player will win 2:1 on the side bet wagered. If a hand has Blackjack, the hand will not be offered insurance.

The following insurance buttons:

Insure - insures the highlighted hand only

Skip - skip the highlighted hand

Insure all - insures all hands when multiple hands are played

Skip All - decline insurance on all hands

The Insurance bet is resolved at the end of the game, when the dealer receives their second card.

Play your hand(s)

The player must finalise each hand that they have elected to play before the dealer finalises their hand.

There is a small display by each hand that indicates the point's value of each hand.

If the player is playing multiple hands, the hands are played from the right first, then in sequence towards the left. The hand that is currently in play is much larger than the other hands.

If the hand is Blackjack

If the players hand is Blackjack (a two card hand totalling 21 points) stand is automatically declared and the player will win 3:2 on the respective stake unless the dealer also has Blackjack. If the dealer also has Blackjack a push is declared and the stake is returned. The hand will be compared to the dealers after all hands have been finalised.

If the player does not have 21

If the player does not have 21, there are two options:

  • Hit - take another card from the dealer (face up).
  • Stand - remain on the current total and take no further cards.

The player may hit (take further cards) until either they have gone bust (over 21 points), or they declare stand (take no further cards). If stand is declared no further action may be taken on the hand.

Double and split options

Depending upon what cards the player has the double or split button may become available:

The Double button

If the player's first two cards total 9, 10 or 11, the player has the option to double. If double is selected, the amount staked on the respective hand is doubled and one final card is drawn. No further action may be taken on the hand.

The Split button

If the player has two cards of the same rank (e.g. a 3 of Diamonds and a 3 of Hearts or a King of Clubs and a King of Spades) they will be given the option to split them into two hands by selecting the split button. Each hand will automatically have the original stake value. With the exception of split Aces, each hand is played in sequence as normal.

  • Split Aces draw one extra card and stand automatically
  • Any winning split hand will pay evens (1:1) without exception.
  • Only one split is allowed per hand (no re-splitting)
  • Double after split is not permitted

After a hand has been finalised, it will have the total points of the hand

The dealer plays their hand

After all of the players hands have been finalised, the dealer will finalise their hand.

The dealer will receive a second card. The value of the hand will appear by the hand.

If the dealer has Blackjack

Blackjack and stand is declared and the dealer automatically and instantly wins all hands except a player Blackjack; in which a push is declared and the stake is returned in that instance. The game ends

If the dealer's hand is 16 points or less

The dealer must hit (draw another card), until they either bust, or have a hand totalling 17-21 points.

If the dealer's hand is 22 points or over

The hand is considered bust - any of the players hands declared as stand will win automatically.

If the dealer's hand is 17 to 21 points (excluding Blackjack)

Stand is automatically declared (the dealer may not draw any more cards). When stand is declared, the dealers hand will be compared to each of the player's hands to determine a winner. Payouts (if any) will be awarded in accordance with the paytable.

Comparing hands to the dealer

If the dealers hand is declared as stand (except Blackjack), hands are compared in the following fashion:

If the players hand has a total less than the dealer's hand

The respective hand loses. The stake for that game is lost and the hand wins nothing.

If the players hand has a total equal to the dealer's hand

The respective hand is considered a push. The stake for that game is returned to the player, and the hand wins nothing.

If the players hand has a total greater than the dealer's hand

The respective hand wins. The stake for that game is returned to the player, plus any winnings as defined in the paytable.

Auto functionality

Auto Bet is a simple and revolutionary way to fully automate play using customisable strategies.

  • Choose from a pre-defined strategy or edit it to your liking.
  • Play between 5 and 100 games without player intervention based on your selected strategy (a game is between 1 and 5 hands)
  • Ask me option: Program Auto to make certain decisions manually
  • Repeat an Auto bet sequence with only 2 clicks (rebet, then start)
  • Stop Auto Bet at any time with the stop button

Toggle Auto-Bet to ON

To enable Auto-Bet functionality, click the Auto-Bet toggle to on. Click the Auto-Bet toggle button again to switch all Auto functionality off.

It is important to understand that Auto Bet can only be switched on at the beginning of a game before the deal button has been selected. The Auto toggle button is blue when it can be used; grey when unavailable and orange when it is toggled to on.

When Auto is on, the deal button becomes labelled as start. When ready, select the start button to begin the Auto bet sequence.

The Auto-Bet control panel

The Auto-Bet control panel is situated above the Auto toggle button. The panel is only visible when Auto is toggled to on. The Auto-Bet control panel consists of the following components:

Strategy selector

The strategy selector displays a strategy by default (balanced TBC). Use the button on the display to scroll through the various strategy options. After the last strategy has been displayed, the list will loop back to the beginning automatically.

Available strategies:

Balanced (the default setting) – a well-rounded balanced strategy

Custom 1 – this is a copy of the balanced strategy that can be modified to suit your play style

Custom 2 – this is a copy of the balanced strategy that can be modified to suit your play style

View in editor button

Selecting this button opens the large strategy viewer and editor display – here you can view and edit strategies. See the strategy viewer and editor display – for full details.

Games selector

Use the games selector to define how many games will be played automatically. Select between 5 and 100 games by using the buttons on the display. A game can be defined as "playing between 1 and 5 hands (bet areas) against the dealer."


Playing 1 hand with a setting of 25 games = 25 Hands

Playing 5 hands with a setting of 25 games = 125 Hands

When Auto bets have finished, simply click Rebet, and then Start to repeat the previous sequence.

Auto Bet can be stopped at any time by using the stop button

*Note that splitting hands will increase the number of hands (and the associated stake value).

The strategy viewer and editor display

Like the name suggests, the strategy viewer and editor can be used to view and edit a pre-defined strategy. Click the view in editor button to open the display.

Editing selector (at top of display)

At the top of the display there is a display that shows the sub-section of the strategy that is currently selected. Each strategy is divided into 3 pages, 1 page is displayed at any one time. Change the page on display with the green buttons on the navigation display.

  • Hard Hand Strategy
  • Soft Hand Strategy
  • Pairs Strategy

There are scroll buttons on the left of the display to view the full array of players hand totals in the Hard hands section only – scroll up and down with the respective button if desired.

The viewer/editor

The player's hand totals are displayed vertically in columns, lowest number on top

The dealer's hand totals are displayed horizontally in rows, lowest number on the left

The rows and columns form a grid, each section of the grid connects to a players hand and dealers hand total.

Each section of the grid represents the automated action to be taken, when any given situation arises.

Each click on a particular grid section cycles through the possible actions available – the actions are colour coded and labelled for simplicity:

Label Colour Action
Hit Green Draw another card
Stand Blue Do not draw any further cards – the current hand total becomes final
Ask me Black Temporarily suspend Auto and make the specified decision manually (hit, stand etc.)
Double Red If double is selected; the amount staked on the respective hand is doubled and one final card is drawn. No further action may be taken on the hand.
Spilt Pink If the player has two cards of identical value (pairs or any two picture cards); they will be given the option to split them into two hands by selecting the split button. Each hand will automatically have the original stake value.

If changes are made to a strategy

If a pre-defined strategy is changed using the editor, the new strategy can either be discarded with the reset button.

The History Display

In the right side panel a history of the previous game from the same session will be displayed. Each history element will consist of the total of dealers hand and each of the player's hands. Below this the total stake and total winnings for the game is displayed. The History can hold up to 100 games with the latest game displayed on the top. The panel can be scrolled to view previous games that have moved out of view.

The More button

The more button contains when opened


Here all audio settings can be found, individual components of the audio can be switched on and off.

The strategy viewer and editor display

See "The strategy viewer and editor display" section.


Play Payout for winning hand
Blackjack 3:2
Insurance 2:1
Winning hand (excluding Blackjack or special plays) Evens
Push (a draw) Returns the original stake
Lose Forfeits your stake
Double or Double-down Evens on the total winning hand stake
Split Evens

Game Rules

  • The dealer must stand on a hard (and soft) 17
  • The player may split on equal value cards (pairs or any two picture cards)
  • All winning split hands pay evens (including Blackjack)
  • The player may double on the first hand consisting of two cards with a total value of 9,10 or 11
  • The player may not double after a split
  • The player may not hit after a Double.
  • The player may not hit on split aces.
  • The player may split once per hand only (no re-splitting)
  • No Surrender or late Surrender in this version of the game.

General Information

This game has a Return to Player of 99.25%.

In the event of a non-responsive game or problem during a draw, the game will repeat the incomplete draw and display the result to the player when the game is next launched.

Incomplete games will become void after 90 days and will be forfeited to charity

System malfunction voids all pays and plays.