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Game type: Tables

Game Description

ROULETTE! sports realistic outcomes you can trust and features that you’ll love. It also sets the standard for mobile and tablet Roulette games, combining beautiful visuals with smart user controls. Customise the play field to suit your style: try a simple, traditional look, or activate our powerful bet and history features for expert play. Your table is ready!

General Features

  • Updated controls
    • Iconic for easier understandability and language localization
    • Roll over animations which visually describe the function
    • Context sensitive to reduce clutter and confusion
    • Modern UI button design
  • Bigger play field
    • Wider screen area allows for larger wheel – which is what it’s all about
    • More negative space and less clutter for a cleaner, less overwhelming visual experience
    • More space available for new bet features
  • Power Bet Features
    • Spray paint betting – click and drag to place strings of bets
    • Player can create, store and recall their favourite bet pattern
    • Popular predefined patterns for SPLITS & DRAGON bets
    • Optional Neighbours Bet “racecourse” with adjustable bet width
    • History wheel betting – bet directly from our comprehensive new history screen
  • Power History Features
    • Expert History wheel shows relative frequency of each number
    • Six Hottest and six Coldest number display
    • Outside bet bar graphs
    • Displays as many as the last 250 number results
    • Improved traditional outcome board
    • Larger last outcome
    • More traditional LED style outcome display

How to Play

How to Play Roulette! [156KB]