How to Win

  • Click New Game, then select a bet by clicking on one of the chips at the bottom of the screen.
  • To place your bet, hover your mouse over the Sic Bo table. Potential bet selections will change colour as you move over them.
  • Click on a single number or sequence of numbers on the table. The chip you have clicked on will now appear on that position on the table. You may place as many different bets as you wish, provided each bet is within a specific limit.
  • You can double your original bet by selecting appropriate buttons. You can also clear selected bets or undo you last move.
  • Click the Roll button to roll the dice. Three dice will be rolled inside their chamber.
  • If the dice do not match your predicted numbers, you lose your bet. If your numbers or number sequences are correct, you win the payout associated with that bet. Winning bets will be highlighted on the table.


Click NEW GAME to start another game with no bets on the table.

Click the REBET and ROLL button to bet the same amount as your previous bet AND roll the dice for the next game. NOTE: This action cannot be undone when selected

Click the REBET X 2 and ROLL button to bet double the amount as your previous bet AND roll the dice for the next game. NOTE: This action cannot be undone when selected.

Bet types and payouts

The following bets, payouts and bet limits apply to Sicbo:

Bet type Description Payout Exceptions
Single number A bet on a certain number occurring. The bottom row of the table displaying the numbers 1-6. 1-1 for each match Win for each instance of number, therefore:
1-1 if one match
2-1 if two matches
3-1 if three matches
Two number combinations A bet on any two dice numbers occurring (not including same numbers). For example 1 and 3. 5-1 -
Three number totals A bet on the combined total of all three dice. The less frequent the odds of each total, the higher the payout - as shown to the right.
Total Of: Pays
4 60-1
5 30-1
6 17-1
7 12-1
8 8-1
9 6-1
10 6-1
11 6-1
12 6-1
13 8-1
14 12-1
15 17-1
16 30-1
17 60-1
A result of 3 or 18 is always a loss and does not appear on the table. The only combination for a 3 or an 18 requires a triple being rolled, therefore can be bet on as a triple bet.
Small or Big A bet on the combined total of the dice, to be either Small (4-10) or Big (11-17). 1-1 Lose if triplet is rolled (three 4s, for example)
Triple Three numbers of the same value, specified before the dice are rolled. 180-1 -
Any triple Any three dice of identical value. 30-1 -
Double or pair Two dice of the same number. 10-1 Whether you have 2 or 3 identical numbers, you win only once.

Return to Player

This game has a Return to Player of 97.22%.

System malfunction voids all pays.